Lights, Camera, Publish! ‘09


ysc09_s1.jpgHere are the links to the student video sites I mentioned during Tuesday’s webinar and a SlideShare version of the PowerPoint I used.

Discovery Education and 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge: Air Pressure.

The Flat Classroom Project’s Mobile Citizen Journalist.

picture-7.jpgBrainy Flix’s ACT/SAT video vocabulary builders: Cadence.

Great Minds Foundation Anti-smoking PSA.

picture-15.jpgThe Net Generation Video Challenge: An opinion from Pakistan.

TeacherTube: electro-magnetism explained in a town called Simplicity.

The International Student Media Festival (opens for entries 5/1/09):great example, No Public Displays of Affection  No PDA’s.

Lights! Camera! Publish!

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