Sweet on Discovery

Sweet on Discovery
Saturday, April 18tb
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Do you love Discovery even more than chocolate? Do you find yourself needing a Discovery fix??? Then you don’t need to miss this sweet event at Mimi’s Cafe in

Rogers. Join us for dessert and an update on Discovery programs that are sure to sweeten the lives of both you and your students. The triple chocolate brownie (just one of your delicious choices) will stimulate your appetite as we explore a real treat …
With the launch of Discovery Student Adventures, “Discovery is taking its passion for learning around the globe– providing students and educators with one-of-a-kind, education based trips to incredible international destinations.” We’ll finish up our sweet adventure with an explanation of how Delicious, the social bookmarking service, can be used by teachers to organize and share favorite web resources. With Discovery Student Adventures, Delicious, and Mimi’s great desserts, the night promises to be a triple-decker delight! This event is open to all educators in

Arkansas, but we’re limited to the first 20 who sign up for this sweet event. The deadline to register is April 4th so get your registration turned in quickly. To register – send an email to karenwells@ymail.com OR emcfadden@sdale.org and supply your Name, School, Email Address and Phone Number for Confirmation.


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