NY DEN Leadership Council Opens It's Doors on Twitter

Exciting NY DEN LC news to announce.  Technology helps us stay better connected, save time, and become more efficient.  The NY DEN Leadership Council is always looking for better ways to reach this goal.  One new way is to converse in the Twitterverse.  Our new Twitter page can be found at http://twitter.com/NYDENLC.  Here the members of the NY DEN LC will be able to share information with our colleagues.  Upcoming events, DEN reminders, Discovery News and more from the NY DEN will  be able to be shared in this wonderful virtual format.  But Twitter is more than just a web page.  It is a virtual collaborative space that is merely concise.  The main idea is to answer the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.  Of course we will be telling you what is going on in the NY DEN on our Twitter page.  But Twitter has become much more than that.  It is rapidly developing into a social site that allows people to communicate on the fly.  Using mobile technologies instant feedback and be received.  From time to time we may ask your feedback on ideas, or pose a topic for discussion.  Please feel free to join the fun.

Twitter Opens

Do you Twitter?  If so consider following us (http://twitter.com/NYDENLC)  to connect to our tweets.  If you don’t twitter yet consider finding out what all the Twitter buzz is about (http://twitter.com).


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