Earth Day Cometh

Earth Day is upon us, and this year it is easier than ever to find great activities to involve your students with treasuring and preserving our planet. Here are a few to share with teachers in your school.

The grocery bag project:
This project is a simple one, but will help students raise awareness about protecting the Earth’s environment and animals. Have students draw, write Earth Day poems, etc on grocery bags and then deliver them to your local grocery store to be used on Earth Day.
The directions are listed on the following website:

Earth Field Trip
Go on a field trip to the Disney movie Earth. Disney will plant a tree for every ticket bought during its opening week. It opens on Earth Day.

Instead of an Earth Day celebration why not have Earth Day be a community service day. Our school has each grade do a community service project like beach clean up, volunteer at a local nature center to weed gardens, etc.

Kick off a great technology based science project using Discovery Streaming Planet Earth series. The Planet Earth series has several episodes that could help your students learn more about the problems of our disappearing wilderness, endangered animal species of the world, or the need to protect the rain forests. After watching a video for a “being there” experience, have your students research an endangered animal or habitat that interests them. You could then have your students create magazines based on their research, that they actually publish on the web. The technology teacher at our school is having our students make their own magazine using MagCloud: The students are writing articles in science class and then in technology class they are writing and publishing the magazine. It is free to publish the magazine, all you have to do is make an account and upload a PDF file.

Need a quick and simple idea? Read Dr. Seuss’s book: The Lorax and then have students blog or make a voice thread about ways to help protect and preserve nature for future generations. Here is a website with even more good ideas:


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