Regional VC Coming Soon!

The Discovery Education Virtual Conference is right around the corner.  You will find the agenda for the day and some general information regarding the event available as a download below.  A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Discovery is also sending fun prizes and give-aways! 
We will project all digital presentations and have suitable audio for everyone to enjoy but many people last fall found that they enjoyed participating in their own laptop where they could chat and communicate with other participants around the US.  If you are not from New Berlin, we will have wired Internet access and those from New Berlin will be able to be wireless.  It is NOT necessary to have a laptop.  Those that do bring one, you might also like having a set of headphones.
The day is casual and we hope that you will enjoy a day of learning a fantastic collegiality.
Registration remains open for several days if you would like to invite friends.  The more the merrier!
Register at:


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