SO… How was the Virtual Conference? We want your feedback!

I think the title says it all!  It was quite a long day, and my brain feels just a little oversaturated, but more than anything I feel full of new ideas that I can’t wait to try out myself.  But that’s me…

Let’s hear about YOUR Virtual Conference experience!

Did you attend an in-person event?  How was it?

What was your favorite session?  What were your big takeaways for the day?

What could we be doing differently to make this a more enjoyable experience for you?

Take a few minutes and share your feedback!


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  1. Kay Rewerts said:

    I cannot find the kmz file on the frogs or holidays. I’ve look on the media server, but haven’t located it. One person in the chat said they had downloaded it from there, so I thought it must be there! A great conference. Traci is amazing:)

  2. Erin said:

    Had a blast, learned a lot, and did it all in my pajamas! Loved it.

  3. Christine DiPaulo said:

    Thank you so much Steve, every webinar I attend in DEN is well worth the time. I always learn valuable information that I share with my colleagues. I appreciate being part of the day. Looking forward to the one in the fall.

  4. Norfar said:

    This was a great conference. I loved the fact I got the same development as an in person conference. I was alone with watching the conference but will plan to have others with me the next time I know about the conference. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Do you have a ning?

  5. Lynn Loo said:

    I always love the nuggets of information I get from Discovery Ed. Today was definitely worth spending a Saturday on. Thanks

  6. Diane Ripollone said:

    I thought this was a awesome experience. It was my first virtual conference and I had a great time talking to everyone.

  7. Juanita Coleman said:

    Loved the lectures. My favorite part was the sharing of websites and the new tech tools that are available.

  8. Terry Johnson said:

    the virtual conference was great. I have pages of notes that I can use to increase my use of technology in my classroom. I loved sharing with all the different teachers on the chat. Since I am the only science teacher at my school it was nice to see what other teachers were doing. It was also great to learn all the incredible tools available on the web. This was my first conference and I intend to attend others.

  9. Susan Hemans said:

    As always, a wealth of information. A great way to spend a Saturday while still hanging out at home.

  10. Dorothy K. Miller said:

    i enjoyed all the resources shared. i also liked the format…very casual…i’ll bring more of my friends with me next time. thanks .

  11. Joy Wilkins said:

    This was my first time in the DEN and I have to say I will be back. Some great information (RIT) and ideas (cogdogroo).

  12. Sharon Morris said:

    I very much enjoyed the day!! This was my first experience in a virtual seminar and it was great! Thanks to all of the speakers for you wonderful demonstrations. I really appreciate your giving up your Saturday to share valuable information with us. I look forward to the fall. I viewed by myself, but will encourage my school to host the fall event.

  13. Emma Haygood said:

    Great day – lot of great ideas. Next time have it on a cold, rainy day so I don’t feel so guilty hanging out inside all day!

  14. Patricia Bryant said:

    I was at home while my daughter went to an in-person conference. I was able to get lots of links and thoughts for our up coming presentations. We are presenting at 2 conferences. One is a tech conference with an Early Childhood strand and the other is a EC conference. Thanks for the opportunity.

    P.S. More ECE and ECSE stuff would be great. We are directing teachers here from our presentations but we get back some negative feed about the lack of materials.

  15. Susan Bane said:

    Thank you… This is my first webinar. I feel like a “virtual” idiot. I am a brand new teacher teaching on an intern-license in New Mexico. I was given a 6-12 special ed class in which I have the gamat of learners. I have experimented with some discovery stuff and my kids really respond to it. I cannot wait to learn more.

  16. Stephanie Prochnow said:

    My fellow-teacher and I thought this conference started out with a few audio problems. This got better as the conference went on. Some great ideas and websites–especially science related ones. Next time we think we’ll do this from home. Got a little uncomfortable sitting in our students’ chairs–no wonder they can’t sit still for more than one period a day. LOL


    Steph Prochnow (4th)
    Traci Speicher (5th)
    Round Valley Intermediate School
    Springerville, AZ

  17. Jayashree Chopra said:

    A great learning experience. It was worth spending the saturday morning glued to the computer screen for 6 hours.Now I can’t wait to implement some of these strategies in my classroom.

  18. Dolores Hennessy said:

    Sowing the Seeds of Success was the most helpful for me as a teacher. It was awe inspiring to see so much available to use without an extreme hit to the pocketbook. I am tired from sitting, so perhaps two half days would be better, but I guess that won’t work for on-site people. I think next time I’ll use the archive for part of the event.

  19. carmen connolley said:

    I’ve been attending on-line all day since 9:00 a.m. in my p.j.’s. Brad Fountain’s presentation was very interesting, as well as Chris Lehmann’s – I loved to hear about how a school should work! Awesome models! Den Star teachers were also awesome! Thank-you!!

  20. Eileen Weeks said:

    As a science teacher, I am always looking for interesting ideas. Your “Sowing the Seeds” speakers were very helpful. I also go a lot of interesting websites to peruse from the chat line.

    The administrative stuff(middle day keynote speaker and the RTI guy) was boring so I edged the front yard and did some laundry.

    This is a great way to attend a conference. I will be looking forward to future opportunities.

  21. Andrea Medrano said:

    From the few minutes I got to see I have lots of bookmarked pages to checkout. I wish Hawaii wasn’t so far away time wise.
    I would like to be able to review the recordings of sessions, will they be up somewhere?
    Please include me in future events.
    Thank you Andrea Medrano

  22. Laura Sheehy said:

    This conference was my second, and like the first, it was wonderful! My favorite part was hearing from the Stars and learning new ideas to use technology. I always love hearing about new ideas and was to use the technology. I’m looking forward to checking and exploring the Stars wiki pages. One of my favorite ideas was the PowerPoint used with kindergartners that has sound and things to do.

  23. Susan Tompkins said:

    The VC was great, as expected! The in-person just added to the experience. We loved the f2f and virtual formats to connect with other educators. Another job well done guys and gals! Long live the DEN!

  24. Rebecca McIntyre said:

    Great day. Lots of information. I will need to go back and watch again to get what I missed while trying to look at all the things you were showing. So glad you archive these for us! Thanks again for everything.

  25. Pam said:

    I attended this “conference” at home, on my own. I wasn’t sure that I would be staying the whole day, as it’s beautiful out, but I stayed! I’ll admit that I did some other things as well, but having my computer sound hooked into my stereo speakers helped me not to feel tied to the computer.

    I have MANY new resources that I want to try with my students, but am worried about how to fit it all in to once a week classes, 40 minutes long. Baby steps and happiness with learning and teaching must remain motto.

    I’m interested in doing some blogging with a group of elementary aged students. I wonder which blog sources people have had success with, and recommend for someone just entering the idea of grades 2-4 blogging.

    Thank you so much for putting this conference together. I was a good way to be energized for going back to school, after a nice vacation week.

    🙂 Pam

  26. Irene said:

    Great. Got so much info my head is spinning. Love that it was recorded that way I will be able to go back over some things.

  27. BCornwell said:

    I was by myself – paying bills online and taking copious notes and bookmarking unbelivable web resources. My favorite session was Traci Blozosky preso integrating GoogleEarth with Glogster. I loved the simultaneous sharing of resources going on while listening adn watching the presos. I love Steve Dembo so it was fun spending time with him as well. Well done to all involved – I stumbled across this resource from checking into Twitter – I will definintely go back and set my prefs in DEN to receive the newsletters!!!! Thanks to all.

  28. Nanette Carswell said:

    Thank you, I picked up some very interesting facts. As well as some websites I plan to use in the future. I live in Arizona, I missed half of the webcast. In the future can you publish the time for the webcast including the time zones. This was very informative and I hate I missed some of the broadcast.

  29. Susan Burch said:

    This was great. I got access to very useful, practical information and seeing it in action is very motivating. My first webinar and it won’t be my last. The other participants were also a resource via the chat. I am excited about using technology in my SPED classroom and plan to utilize the information and resources from today to make a more meaningful curriculum for next year. Connecting with other professionals renews one’s enthusiasm. Thanks to DEN for providing such a meaningful and relevant service.

  30. Carol McDonough said:

    I loved it all! My sound was great all day except during RTI. Will this be available later on Discovery? I want to share with my fellow teachers. It would be better to break up the presentations. I had to miss part of the conference due to a prior commitment. I will be exploring Discovery Science. I am not aware of my school district having this. Thank you!!!

  31. Grechen Ripple said:

    Loved the conference – It was well worth the day inside not out in the sun!

    The STAR examples were priceless and the keynotes fabulous!

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the Fall Conference.

  32. Amina said:

    This is first time I attended a virtual conference, it was a great experience,
    I learned a lot.
    Thank you very much

  33. karen lanford said:

    Outstanding and a very convienent way for professional growth. Offering this conference at no cost truly helped those of us who receive no extra funds!!! The speakers were well prepared and shared useful information. I can’t wait to use these ideas in my classroom. Thanks again!!
    Karen Lanford
    All Saints Episcopal School
    Tyler, Tx

  34. Valaina Maher said:

    Attended virtually from home. My favorite Sessions were Sowing Seeds with Traci and Chris Lemann’s keynote. Honestly, right now my brain is overwhelmed that I am not sure which takeways to share. I loved the many ideas and resources that were shared and will go to the archives to listen again and share with others. The sound was a problem at time. It got soft in places. I wish there would have been an in-person event nearby. I also wish there was a way for us to get some type of certificate for attending virtual conferences and webinars. Other than that, it was fantastic. Keep up the great work giving us wonderful opportunities for PD.

  35. Cathy Smith said:

    So much info… Lots of things to do with all the resources.

  36. Sheri Edwards said:

    Chris’s keynote was fantastic. Kudos to the administration, staff, and students there who show us what education should be.

    I like the idea of Discovery Education becoming a voice for change, a place for professional dialogue and activism, and a vehicle for developing further progress in educational transformation.

    Thanks for a great day.

  37. Dave Sapp said:

    This was great! I really am excited to have had this opportunitiy and to use this format! So often you hear of things and there is so much cost to it. This worked out fantastic can’t wait for the fall workshop. Hopefully, I won’t be cleaning the garage!

    Dave Sapp

  38. kathleen beierle said:

    This was great. I truly gleaned information to share and use at school. RTI was really informative. I am taking away something from every session. I was so determined to attend this that when my bandwidth at my home was insufficient, I actually traveled into my sons house (25 miles) to get what I needed.

  39. kay bolerjack said:

    I missed part of the morning, overslept, but I will be sure to catch them once they are uploaded. I am sitting here with anticipation and excitement. I love the new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. These virtual conferences are one of the highlights of my DEN participation. I love them. I can’t wait to share what I have learned. My goal for the fall virtual conference is to host an event and invite my coworkers to attend. I feel know that would be the next pivotal step to improving the collaboration and continued enhancement of student learning experiences.

  40. Mary Davis said:

    It was great. I learned so much. Next year I am becoming more of a teacher mentor so this was a perfect way to pick up some great resources. Thanks for sponsoring this global collaboration of educators. I thought Chris Lehman was an eye opener. My only regret was not being able to be in Philadelphia in person.

  41. Christie Berrier said:

    This was my first DEN event since becomming a STAR! I loved this! I felt a little thrown in, but was able to pick up the pace pretty quickly. I’m usually like that. I know many of my fellow teachers don’t pick up the pace as quickly as I… perhaps including some information with the schedule to be able to familiarize yourself with some key sites/issues/projects first would help to not overwhelm the less savy teachers.
    Thanks for this again! I’m going to be seeing a lot of DEN in the future!

  42. Mary Gibson said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar. I had trouble with loosing sound throught the earlier part of the day, but that seemed to improve during the afternoon. I learned a lot about different tools that are available for lessons, to teach today’s students in different ways, & the importance of doing so in relation to work force. I learned why it isn’t necessary to learn to store so much knowledge, but why it is necessary to know how to retrieve it, the importance of being able to think & evaluate knowledge, & to be able to use the knowledge & put it into action. I also learned that we are not limited to only do projects with students in our class or in our school, but that students could actually do projects with other students anywhere in the world. Thank all of you for this very enlightening webinar.

  43. Lorinda Sevenans said:

    LOVE IT!! I attend the event last fall and wanted to be sure to catch this one. Now I’ll need a couple of months to integrated all the information and begin to use it with my students and their families.

    Keep it up!

  44. Dorie Glynn said:

    Hi. I attended the VC from home. Cleaned some, moved a refrigerator, did some laundry. I was excited to see how Traci B. showed us how to incorporate Glogster posters, blabberize, and video in her google earth field trip presentation. The outcome is so visually appealing. I had used google for a virtual field trip before, but it didn’t look like that! Awesome job, Traci! Thanks.

  45. Rosa Juarez said:

    I really enjoyed the virtual conference. I was sitting in front of my computer for the whole thing. Thank you. I got very valuable information. I just need one thing. I need some type of documentation to turn in to my principal for professional development credit. I tried to print the schedule but was unab le to. Could you send me something via e-mail?

  46. Susan Sharp said:

    Great experience (first time for me)
    Especially enjoyed Chris Lehmann!
    Thanks again!
    Sue Sharp
    (teaching students Spanish as a Foreign Language and global awareness!)

  47. Malinda Sommers said:

    Sound had problems. Some good project ideas–more would be better. Spend less time peaching to the choir. We were here because we are the believers.

  48. Mary Gibson said:

    Is there a way to download a certificate for CEUs?

  49. Tricia Graf said:

    I did not like the personal discussions on the chat line – “are you going to be…. do you have plane reservations….” – talk to them later. The rest of us were trying to connect with the speaker and share experiences. I would like the chatters to limit private, personal discussions in a public place. I compare it to waiting on a person and you think they are having a conversation but they have a blue tooth device in their ear and are actually talking on the phone standing face to face in front of you. Otherwise the conference was great! I logged on at 6:00 a.m. MST, and logged off at 1:35 MST. Took lots of notes

  50. Paul Graves said:

    The event was very informative and challenging. The day moved very quickly and I hardly knew that I had been involved for 6.5hours. Thank you again to everyone who put this event together!

  51. Margie Guillot said:

    I really enjoyed the webinar conference and really learned a lot. This was my first DEN webinar and it most definetly won’t be the last.’

    Great job to all the presenters, and THANK YOU.

    See ya next time!

  52. Martha Snider said:

    A fellow STAR Brenda arrived at my house at about 6am. I barely had the computer up and on. She learned how to connect her laptop to the conference. She’ll be able so do it from anywhere in the fall. We most enjoyed the School 2.0 session. That’s not to say we didn’t also love the sharing by all, Grogster, Blabberize, etc. We’re talking about what we can do locally in May and June. Thanks to one and all. I look forward to seeing some of you this summer.

  53. Kelly Little said:

    Thanks for being at FETC, since Jan. I learned to TWEET, follow amazingly collaborative educators, and was informed via Twitter about this Virtual Share today. The Habits of Mind comments will impact my approach to student art projects, I am going to visit Flat Classroom Project 2009, and will rejoice in the fact that my first webinar was successful!I now TALK TO STRANGERS and they talk back! GREAT Sharing and VALUE.I need summertime to be an Explorer and I am bringing colleagues back here in the FALL! artykel

  54. Dave Sapp said:

    I think getting CEU’s or credits always help some people out so that would be nice for them.

    I always like finding new websites, so that was great for me. I really was interested in how Chris Lehman worked the professional development. I missed part of that so it will be good to catch that in the archive.

    The sound was bad for part of the last session but came back while the video was being repaired.

    I don’t know where Emma is but here in Michigan it is a cloudy rainy day!

    Thanks again it was a great way to spend an afternoon, learn from fantastic people and pick up some dynamite resources!


  55. Laura Greer said:

    It was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot. I attended in person at Snowflake, AZ. All of the people there were great and helpful. We all really enjoyed the first session of Sowing Seeds of Success. Great Job! We also enjoyed the Keynote speaker, Building School 2.0. He was very inspirational. Thanks everyone!

  56. Paula Naugle said:

    Thank you to Steve and all the presenters for a wonderful and informative virtual conference. Also thanks to all the people who worked to put this together and coordinate all the technical aspects of such an undertaking. I love the fact that I could sit at home in my pj’s and attend such a powerful conference.

    I can’t wait to share the infomation I learned with the other teachers in my school. My head is spinning with new ideas. The best thing I am taking away from this experience is how to better utilize the DEN website. It is chock full of information and tools to help me be a better educator. The second thing I’m taking away is connections to some really wonderful people in the field of education. I have just added to my PLN (personal learning network).

    Again, thank you for this opportunity.

  57. Kathleen Burwell said:

    I listened for a few minutes before having to leave this morning, but returned during the last 20 minutes of Chris Lehman’s presentation. I was very excited about what I was hearing and will need to go back and listen to the entire presentation–as I will with all of them.

    I am truly excited about all of the information and websites that were shared and can’t wait to go exploring.

    Thank you again for providing such a wonderful resource. I hope more people will take time and find out everything the DEN has to offer.

    Great job!

  58. Debra Patsel said:

    I just love webinars. I was at the FETC all day conference on Thursday and although it was interesting, it was hard to follow because it went from 11:00 to 7:00 pm, during the school day. It was really difficult to concentrate with the phone ringing, the fire drill bell, trying to find how to get points for the give aways etc. Almost too much. This was just right. Maybe a few real breaks. Great info, just hard to leave to eat, bathe, bathroom etc. Defined 5-10 min. breaks so I can safely walk away. Sound. Different speakers had different connections, you could tell. It would break up, I would to what you said, leave the audio then rejoin the audio, but it didn’t make any difference. One speaker the sound changed every other word. It was near perfect. Thanks, Debra

  59. Liz Ulloa said:

    Oh my gosh! What great ideas, what great people, what great fun. I am so glad I joined the DEN. (new member this spring)

  60. Amparo Smith said:

    I attended virtually from home. My favorite Sessions were Sowing Seeds with Traci and Chris Lemann’s keynote.
    I loved the great ideas and resources that they shared to us. Definitely they are great models. All of you thank you for your great JOB! BRABISIMO!! Please keep doing what you are doing. Thank you again!!

  61. Lynn Bensen said:

    I have recently discovered DEN and was delighted to learn this virtual conference was being held. I attended for most of the day and am really energized by the collaborative spirit I see at work here. The conference sessions gave me a lot to think about and DO, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with this dynamic, forward-looking group of educators.

  62. Corina Long said:

    I’m a technology integration specialist in TX, and this was my first DEN conference. I can’t wait to share all these wonderful resources with teachers on my campus. My favorite session was Sowing Seeds and my favorite quote from the day was “Isolation is the enemy of improvement.” Thanks for the opportunity to attend virtually from my living room.

  63. Cheryl Laucher said:

    The Benjamin Button Effect makes me want to really learn the ins and outs of Google Earth and get our kids using it! I really appreciated Brad Fountain’s presentation on closing the global achievement gap since I work with kids who are on the wrong side of the digital divide. Although we are doing a lot of 2.0 in Spring Branch ISD, it’s always great to hear of new lessons and successes. It would be great to have shorter webinars (2-3 hours) more often throughout the year.

  64. Mimi Herald said:

    Although I was by myself at home, I NEVER felt alone! Thank you ALL for making it a wonderful VC. It all ran quite smoothly. I experienced NO tech problems.
    I certainly appreciate seeing how others are using the many great tools out there. I also value the insights I gained about the admin side of DE and about RTI.
    And fortunately, there are still MANY great spring and summer days left here in New England for me to enjoy!
    Regards from CT.

  65. Dolores said:

    Great conference. It was my first online conference and I enjoyed every minute of it! I learned so many wonderful things from all of the presenters! Looking forward to other webinars.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their wonderful knowledge with us!

  66. Mike Horner said:

    Thank you for making my first DEN virtual conference memorable and extremely helpful. I gained a wealth of information and have begun to explore the various applications and websites with which you put me in touch. I liked the balance between practical, creative instruction, administrative background (which provided context, even though I’m not an IT administrator), inspiration/philosophy, and cross-curricular possibilities (e.g., RTI). I thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of so many creative, talented, highly motivated educators. Again, many thanks!

  67. Sonia Hodges said:

    Lost sound the first five minutes and was difficult following with no idea what the slides were about. Check in from time to time to see if I could hear anything, still a problem. Slides and presentation looked interesting, so I was extremely disappointed. Maybe I will have better luck next time. Thank you!

  68. Linda Rush said:

    I participated virtually – part of the day by phone and the rest of the conference on the computer.

    The best session was Part 1 Project, tips and ideas from STAR’s.
    I learned many new ideas – one was imported movies into movie maker and getting a JPEG. Awesome!

    I also learned about how to embed gloster in google earth and how to put HTML into the Builders.

    It was great ! Thanks so much.

  69. Robin Martin said:

    As always a classy, well prepared day for all followers. I liked having the option of in person breakouts as well as the virtual sessions. Chris Lehman was an excellent keynote. I have done several virtual sessions and will try to appeal to the teachers in our district to attend next time. The first one I attended last year, was easy to visit and feel included. Don’t forget to visit the DEN blogs and see all of the materials available for downloading as well. Great job again Discovery!

  70. Judith Behrens said:

    Thanks so much for this great wealth of knowledge and sharing!! I was so mystified by it that I was up until 5am ET makin sure I could take advantage of these great online training sessions. Kudos to DEN leaders and the chosen Stars! Because of this I have been given more windows of opportunities to create, develop snf share with my colleagues and students!

    Thanks again.

    Judith Behrens
    Library Media Specialist

  71. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    I enjoyed the 3 hours I was able to participate today! I always love to hear new ways to use technology in my classroom, and a webinar is a wonderful way to get ideas from teachers across the world!!! Thanks Discovery and Steve for having this awesome event! I hope to participate in the Fall Webinar, also! See ya’ll in July at San Francisco! I am sooooo pumped!!!

  72. Karen S. said:

    I attended the in person session in Snowflake, Arizona and found it to be wonderful! The seminar was very interesting and the people at the session very knowledgeable. I learned a lot, asked a ton of questions, and hope to use this new information with my students in the fall.

    My only disappointment was we missed the first two discussions because of the early start time. Having a little later start time would enable those of us who live in the west to get to our in person sessions before they begin. That would provide us a support network to ask questions during the enire presentation.

  73. Jan Daniels said:

    I’m so very glad I participated in this today. It was one of our first warm days here and I felt guilty sitting at the computer, but with all the notes I have and information I’m armed with now it was well worth it. Plus I too stayed in my pj’s and it felt great. Loved the lectures. My favorite part was that everyone was sharing websites and new tech tools. I loved that quote “We are preparing them for the life they will need”. We really need to rethink technology in school, what is so wrong with cellphones? When my son was in middle school he was told to learn math the way the teacher was teaching it because “You won’t always have a calculator with you! You know”!.. Well he is a senior in college and guess what, with his cell phone he not only has a calculator, he has a note pad for assignments, dictionary, a calendar for keeping track of assignment deadlines and the World Wide Web where ever he goes…. We need to get with it.
    “We are preparing them for the life they will need”.

  74. Bobbi Gurney said:

    I attended today’s conference from home in my PJ’s! I want to host one in Portland in the FALL! Who will come??:) Steve…I’ll take you to Voodoo doughnuts! Will that bring you back? 🙂

    I loved hearing about Chris’s school and the links for model schools. There are some good conversations to be had about what technology is going to look like in our school district in the future. This was very helpful in reminding me of what is important for kids and how it changes so much from primary to High school Just like the example of a collaborative team working together on a project, you see this model much more in an elementary environment. Then students get to MS & HS and loose the opportunity to learn in a “best practice” collaborative and interactive model.
    My first grade class has a buddy high school class that they video conference with weekly. They make a physical visit once a month. The HS kids get soo excited! It’s a win/win for both.
    I liked the RTI presentation. It was a great way to get the information out there. There were great discussions in the chat room.
    Everyone did a great job! People who were new to a DEN event were in awe and kept making comments about how worth it was to miss whatever they were worried before they were going to miss. They were glad they put the time in to come. It was beyond worth it. That is what I love about the DEN. anything you do…is fabulous! Thanks for a great day of learning and reminders of what we advocate for against the stream often times is the right thing! You guys rock! I can’t wait until the National Institute in July!

  75. Connie Hadba said:

    Thanks to all the presenters who made this an awesome day to learn about technology and how you use it in classrooms. The information I gained from attending this 6.5 hour conference will take a while to digest, but it was certainly worth the time spent.
    I’m anxious to share the information with my colleagues at school on Monday and discuss with them how we can apply some of these very interesting sites and web-tools in our lessons.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this great Professional Development event.


  76. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Steve, it was absolutely wonderful, until I lost the llamas. They got out and it was my fault, so I lost the pm sessions, which I will get from the archives. It’s my third DEN VC, and they just keep getting better, if that’s possible. I was awed by what DEN STARS Traci and Lea Anne are doing in first grade and kindergarten. Very inspiring!

    It’s difficult to say what my favorite session was, but I’ll combine the answer with the takeaway question: Chris Lehmann. His preso got me thinking about how I could change our “What If” project and actually reshape it around the SLA model. Chris is always engaging, but this time I could relate better (his EduCon preso was very similar) because I had heard it before. He works quickly (sensory bombardment), so a second time made the connections for me.

    I attended virtually, had two laptops going, one on which I was live blogging and the other where I was making powerpoints (which I pulled after posting re: permissions/copyright), so the pace was fast for me, but what I’m used to doing, so no suggestions here. I will go back and watch Matt again, because I need to learn what he has to tell, but I always need time to absorb.

    From a virtual perspective, perhaps 5 minutes to switch gears. We went fairly quickly from Lance to Matt, and that was a gear shifting for me. Some of your wonderful chatter before total re-immersion might work?

    Finally, the moment (totally non-academic) that I return to is the moment when I heard you laugh during the precon chatter. I knew you have read my “whose’s attending” response. Your response was priceless, and I returned to it again and again to restore my sanity as 7 of us tried to corral the girls for 3+ hours. So, like the first DEN VC, memorable for behind the scenes, this one possibly tops it. I’m attending live no matter what next year!!! It’s safer.

  77. Ann Nicholson said:

    The virtual conference was fantastic! We combined it with a face to face morning meeting of our district Technology Integration Mentors (in Cedar Rapids, Iowa). The three hours we were together just flew by! We lots of great ideas and topics for some of our future sessions.

  78. Tracie Belt said:

    The best part of the webinar was the classroom applications that I learned. I also loved hearing the same passion from others that I have for education and technology. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Denise Steedle said:

    Wonderful day! The best part was the presentation by Chris Lehmann…I love to know that there are people out there with the mind where it has to be: on the students! Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. Jean Potter said:

    The conference was great – I learned a lot and am looking forward to checking out the archives.When will the archived sessions be available and where? I missed some of the sessions and would like to see them. And, the sessions I saw – I not only need to review (illegible notes since there was so much to learn) but I want to encourage other teachers to take advantage also.
    Finally, stupid question – I saved the chat room notes but my computer does not recognize the extension. How can I access them?

  81. Pam Shoemaker said:

    I am usually facilitating sessions at ftf events during the virtual conference. Michigan did not have a ftf event this time, so I attended online and it was fabulous! I learned about the new DE reporting feature for admins, some great ideas for the elementary classroom, and enjoyed the opening and lunch keynote. A storm blew threw and we lost power at 1pm, so I’m anxiously awaiting the archived presentations to see the rest. Thanks to all for a great event.

  82. Karen Wells said:

    I told myself I wasn’t going to spend all day (like I did last fall) watching the virtual conference but, of course, I did! Once the virtual conference started, I was afraid I would miss something if I left. I always learn a lot. This year I got to chat with a couple of Arkansas people I had not met before. Thanks for doing such a great job and getting my new admin feature to me so quickly!

  83. Hank Caruso said:

    Great day. Attended virtually/ Did not think Icould sit through an entire day but I did.As always saw a lot of new ideas and ways to improve what I am already doing.

  84. stacy kasse said:

    This was the first time I hosted an event and I was so lucky to meet such nice people. Can’t wait for a real Day of Discovery (live) in our area.

  85. Patti Duncan said:

    This was NOT my first Virtual Conference but it was definately one of the best! The quality of the information being shared by DEN STARS is amazing. I was so glad to see new people sharing. I was in Philadelphia and got to hear Chris L. speak “live”. His keynote was very inspiring! I really enjoyed the mixture of virtual and live presentations. Thanks to all who shared with me in Philla I had a blast!
    Patti D.

  86. Mark J Perlman said:

    WONDERFUL is the norm for a DEN event: Chris’s Keynote was inspiring (coming from someone who officially supports his school). I learned valuable information from each session, especially from a DEN STAR from my own office!!! Even KTI_Traci taught me something new. STARS know how to share (and pay attention to each other). I was keeping up online, and had I not been there in person, my experience would have been just as rich.

  87. Nanette Carswell said:

    This was my first virtual conference. I came on at 8 AM, Phoenix time, so I missed some of it. I was able to catch several hours of information. I particularly enjoyed “Sowing Seeds for Sucess”. I learned alot.

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