Sowing the Seeds of Success with Blazoski and Daughrity

Justin Karkow is facilitating Part 1 of Sowing Seeds of Success by taking a closer look at DEN STARS.
Traci Blazoski, Clarion PA, was honored by PAECT as Teacher of the Year. She is a first grade teacher, and she will move on to national level competition for National Teacher of the Year. We wish her success and hope she is honored yet again. She shared a GoogleEarth tour of a frog study that covered each continent. She incorporated Glogster (second time we heard about this Web 2.0 tool today). Each continent had a separate activity, including Venn Diagrams, webquests, green screen, Discoverystreaming, Discovery Builders, Voki, Animoto, Voicethread and related activities that allowed students to click on frogs for audio/video directions. What I loved (everything) was her mashup of two Voikis that talked to each other. How cool!

Traci then shared her Christmas Around the World GoogleEarth project, and again, it was a STAR presentation. You can find Traci’s resources for her projects here. Traci’s integration of Web 2.0 tools and Discovery resources is amazing, but even more remarkable when you realize she is teaching first graders.
Lea Anne Daughrity, Pasadena TX was our second STAR presenter, and again, her class is kindergarden students from Freeman Elementary School. Lea Anne embeds a way for students to hear words being read as they appear on screen and adds movies. She teaches the students that when they click on the fish eggs on the right side of the screen and move them to the fish tank, then they hear and see diretions. When they finish their PowerPoint from a template, they print their booklet that they take home to read to their family.

Must say I am blown away by what these two DEN STARS are teaching kindergarden and first grade students.


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