The Benjamin Button Effect: Lance Rougeux's DEN VC Keynote

Lance Rougeux Springs into Action as the keynote for the third part of the DEN Virtual Trifecta by welcoming over 1000 people participating together at 19 different in-person sites and to over 100 virtual attendees for the opening. After acknowledging the administrative DEN team and STARS who made this event possible across the United States. Special note: all Webex presos will be archived and made available later.

The Benjamin Button Effect allows you to revisit things you embrace and allows us to age in reverse and do things over, in a different way. Lance used a field trip to Gettysburg as an example; from using a photo to, with the BBE, he would use GoogleEarth, making an interactive webquest. Lance notes that he would not use BBE for everything, and uses as an example a BB lesson he did his first year teaching (how he met Martha). He also wouldn’t change taking his classses outside, just to be there.

One thing he would change is how his students would write an essay. With the BBE, he would have them write a P-Essay. They would write a one-minute essay, then film it using green screen and use the power of digital storytelling to create a meaning message. (green screen let Lance “interact” with the duck in an earlier slide; cute video). So, instead of a simple essay, you create a footprint that has more impact and can be posted to the web.

Another BBE Lance would use was Glogster (educational version) to create an online poster that would replace conventional advertising. Easy and fun way for students to express their creating minds. Yet another BBE: replace traditional formative assessment with Discovery’s new directions with media content, merging it with a formative test program. Discovery Science is a great example of using media to teach and remediate.

Poll Everywhere is a great BBE, replacing a long end-of year survey with Poll Everywhere for a short overview and Wordle to aggregate responses. How can BBE allow us to change the daily journal writing. So, they read Chicken Soup for the Soul and traditionally write a journal response that as teachers we carry home is a plastic basket. BBE: class blog, and for elementary or middle schoolers, they could blog from the perspective of a class or school mascot (trust me, that wouldn’t work for high school).

Overall, BBE is about sharing, connecting, collaborating, and that is what the DEN is truly about, so join us. We have fun contests throughout the year, with Spring Training our current initiative. We are also looking for new STARS to join each state’s LC. DEN Geocaching Day is May 30, with webinars preceding the event. June 27 is NECC Pre-Conference Extrvaganza at Discovery’s Headquarters.

Lance reminds us that we have tremendous data collection ability, but that data collection is useless unless we act on it. Use BBE to go back and put yourself in your students’ shoes as you plan, because this is just the beginning of great things to come.

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