The Benjamin Button Effect

The DEN Virtual Conference was kicked off with a keynote address by Lance Rougeux.  I haven’t seen the movie Benjamin Button, so I did not know what to expect.  Lance explained that the Benjamin Button effect allows us to age in reverse. What would you have done different in your classroom if you could do it over again?  He gave many examples:

  • Photos of field trip shared by passing them around the classroom…. to saving same pictures in a Google Earth tour
  • Written essay to a P-essay (Photostory), post on web for others to see
  • Posterboard poster… to Glogster, with links to videos and websites
  • Survey students by asking them to raise hands…. to Pollster or use of clickers
  • Brainstorm most significant concepts learned from the week on the board….. to doing the same using Worlde to create a word cloud
  • Writing for teacher…. to writing to the world on a blog
  • Connecting with others in ftf meetings to using Twitter or Plurk to connect with others all over the world

There are so many new tools available for teachers to use that were not available 5-10 years ago.  It’s fun to look back and reflect about what could be done now as a result of new tools that could not have been possible before. Question….Think of yourself as a child in your own classroom.  Would you be interested and engaged?

All sessions will be archived (I’ll post the link when available).


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