A Busy Weekend

The last Friday in April has been a dilemma for me the last few years because both the Chicagoland Television Educators Video Festival and Tech&Learning magazine’s TechForum Midwest always fall on that same day. I feel a bit cheated because I only get a half day at each learning event. Add to it the DEN Virtual Conference on Saturday (archives TBA) and my Wilkes U. digital storytelling class’s final grades due on Monday morning, and I’m glad it’s a cold, gray, rainy Sunday for catching up (sorry golfers et al.).
You might enjoy perusing our CTEC site and its resources. This year’s winners aren’t posted yet but you can look over ’08’s best and get some great ideas for projects with your students (don’t miss the link at the bottom of the page to get to other categories like commercials and documentary). This year we had almost 400 entries in 18 categories. There are also some interesting lesson ideas posted at the bottom of our institute day recaps. Check out “Lollipop Interviews” where students interview each other and “What’s My Line?” easily adaptable for video and writing projects in your own classes.
I really can’t remember how long ago I connected with the Tech&Learning conferences and its energetic staff, but it was so long ago that they are the ones who introduced me to this “relatively unknown” guy from North Carolina named David Warlick. Since then, it has become an annual reunion of learning and great dinners with old and new friends from in and out of state. I missed Jon Orech’s Advanced Thinking in Digital Storytelling this time around but you can catch up on his thoughts at his Wiki page. As an English teacher for almost 25 years, Jon brings great insight to visual grammar.


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  1. Matt, StoryOfMyLife.com Intern said:

    As an intern for StoryOfMyLife, I’ve been newly introduced to the concept of digital story telling.

    Telling stories are fun, but adding visuals to it and keeping them forever seems even cooler. While there is no substitute for good old fashioned in person story telling, a picture is worth a thousand words. I really hope my grandparents document their story and the story of those who lived before hand so I can sit around the campfire and tell my kids and grandkids about them. In a digital format, these stories can be kept forever and family history will live on forever.

    I’m looking forward to checking out Jon Orech’s Wiki page to learn more about whats going on.

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