Science Class

We are excited to be broadcasting our second Science Class next Tuesday, May 5th at 1 PM. The topic this month is Chemical Reactions. During the class we will be exploring different types of chemical reactions including physical versus chemical, exothermic and changes in energy. If you would like to perform one of the experiments with your class you can try the Alka Seltzer Rocket. The directions and materials are in the attached document.

Alka-Seltzer Rocket


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  1. Dawn DeWitt said:

    I could not get the Science Classroom to work today. I wanted to do this with my students and much to my shagrin the link would not open.

    BOO HOO!

  2. Dawn DeWitt said:

    WE could not do the science classroom on chemical reactions today. the link would not work. I am so disappointed.

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