Geocaching with the STARs May 16th

Hey Tucsonans!  We have a great event and day for you! – To the rest of Arizona: let us know and we can bring this fun experience your way.

On May 16th we will be introducing educators to educational geocaching and all the great resources in Discovery that deepen the lesson. We will be meeting at Starbucks, 3421 E Broadway for an introduction to the DEN and then heading to Reid Park Zoo to experience the great fun of a puzzle cache. We will use coordinates to gather clues that will unlock a document. You are bound to learn a ton, catch the fever of the geocaching rage, and come away with great ideas for creating activities for your students.
Follow these links for more information or see the attachment:

We look forward to seeing everyone and diving into the adventure!


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  1. Vicki said:

    Yeah – thanks for posting and organizing this cool geocaching event. I think this means you have your own password now? Wish we could have talked longer at WOW – maybe our paths will cross in Tucson this weekend. V.

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