Da Vinci Still Sparks the Imagination

There is a new series on the Discovery Channel that has me hooked, Doing DaVinci.

Leonardo da Vinci was the original Renaissance Man — master of science, master of the arts, master of war. His revolutionary designs were the most advanced weapons of their day and were capable of unparalleled destruction. Yet no proof exists that they were ever constructed.

In Doing DaVinci a team of expert builders will try to construct these unique inventions using only materials available in da Vinci’s own time. It’s a modern twist on the classics, but will these outrageous machines work? Or were Leonardo’s genius ideas better left in the history books?

Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT


This series is devoted to testing the plans and inventions imaged by Leonardo da Vinci hundreds of years ago.  There are also some terrific interactive resources available online:

If you are interesting in exploring the world of Da Vinci with your students, be sure to check out the resources in DE streaming and DE Science.  In streaming teachers and students can access 24 full videos, 53 video segments, 9 articles, and 18 images.  Here are a few highlights:

DE Science subscribers can access 3 full videos, 8 video segments, and 3 images.  One of my favorites are the three video clips about da Vinci in Understanding Robotics.

EdSITEment has a series of great lesson plans that are part of “Leonardo da Vinci: Creative Genius.”

Science NetLinks also has a few lesson resources for teaching about da Vinci:

So, if you are looking to bring one of the Renaissance’s greatest thinkers to life in your classroom or you are brushing up on your history for a Dan Brown novel, check out some of these lesson resources and Doing DaVinci on the Discovery Channel.


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