May Days: Week 1

Not that long ago, the DEN national blog created a March Madness series of blogs. Interesting how we categorize our months, so if March be mad and April is “the cruelest month,” that leaves May delighted to spread surprises and fun interactive learning for its DEN STARS. Here’s the calendar of DEN events for Week 1 of May Days.

Monday: May 4: Teacher Appreciation Week begins today! DEN LCs.

Your prep period, perhaps, if you have already registered to take the lead in DEN Leadership Councils. Even if you are already on an LC, you have 2 weeks left to complete the self-nominating form. If you are not actively involved in your state’s LC, now is the time to take the plunge and join us. There’s always so much to do; we welcome your help. Please join us, and don’t forget your deadline: Friday, May 15, 2009. Remember to check the DEN National Blog for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Tuesday: May 5: Science Class; Check DEN National Blog for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Join Brad Fountain‘s live Science Class broadcast on Tuesday, May 5th at 1:00 PM EDT. We will be exploring different types of chemical reactions including changes in energy and exothermic. You can also find an experiment you can conduct with your class after our live broadcast on the Science in Action blog . The live broadcast will air on the Science Class section of the Science in Action blog. Because you asked for it, and because Discovery listens and always answers with more incredible resources, the Science Class Series has been extended! Join us for this really exciting event, and a great way to learn too!

Wednesday, May 6: Geocaching with Bridget Belardi and Connie Mulligan; Check DEN National Blog for Teacher Appreciation Week.

On May 30, 2009 we will host our first-ever DEN Geocaching Day! To get you ready for another DEN first, whether you are a muggle (non-geocacher) or a pro, STAR Discovery Educators Bridget Belardi and Conni Mulligan will host Geocaching 101 webinars to get us ready. The first in a series of 3 webinars, this session will answer the basic questions “What is geocaching?” and “How do I get started?” Bridget and Conni will also talk about the strong curricular connections of geocaching. Register now to join us for Geo 101.

Thursday, May 7: Keep Your Star Status; Check the DEN National Blog for Teacher Appreciation Week.

In order to maintain your STAR status, you must report at least two of your events for the 2008-2009 school year by August 31, 2009. Log in to the DEN website and you’ll see “Report Event”. If you are not sure of how many events you’ve reported send an inquiry to

Friday, May 8: Discovery Education Professional Development Opportunities; Check the DEN National Blog for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Join us at 1 pm EDT, when he leadeing provider of digital media for classrooms, Discovery Education offers unparalleled expertise and perspective on how best to integrate digital media in the classroom. Discovery Education Professional Development and support from the Discovery Educator Network have inspired hundreds of thousands of educators throughout the U.S. and on four continents. From webinars to Days of Discovery, we have PD offerings to suit every educational community. This webinar will guide you through the free PD offerings available to you online from Discovery Education, as well as how you can personalized training opportunities directly to your faculty.

Remembering the Looney-Tunes cartoons from Saturday matinee double features (I’m reaching way back now), “That’s All, Folks.”

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