Tap Your PLN With Twitter Polls

I admit that I am a bit of a Twitter junkie.  It’s not like I get the shakes when I am away from Twitter for too long (though, TwitterBerry may have something to do with that . . .)  Really, Twitter is one of the primary places I go to learn.  I have an AMAZING professional learning network populated primarily by Discovery Educators and Twitter is one of our primary sharing platforms.  Sometimes I just jump into the Twitter stream and immerse myself in collective knowledge.   Other times I enter with a specific purpose of seeking answers or suggestions.  It’s a bit like open swim verses lap swimming at the local pool.

Twitter polls are a terrific way to accomplish the latter.  I have used twtpoll numerous times to gather information in a highly visual format.  I have found twtpoll to be very effective in gathering information quickly and succinctly.


There are a couple of other really good Twitter polling applications:

PollDaddy Twitter Polls




All of these polling applications are simply a way to visualize the results you might receive with @responses on Twitter.  One advantage is that respondents have anonymity which, for some questions, may increase your response percentage.  Plus, you “see” the results instantly without having to filter through responses over time.

So, if you are looking for a quick way to harness the collective intelligence of your professional learning community on Twitter, try out one of these free polling applications.


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