Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with the DEN

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  We’ll say it over and over this week so get used to it!  We are so thankful to have a community of incredibly passionate and creative educators like our STARs.  As a small token of our appreciation for the work you do we have something fun planned every day this week.

mimioTo kick things off, our very generous friends at mimio have donated an incredible package for one lucky STAR Discovery Educator.

mimio® Interactive System
mimio Interactive System is a lightweight, portable and affordable device that turns any existing whiteboard (up to 4’x 8′ in size) into an interactive board.  mimio Interactive Includes: mimio Xi bar, mimio stylus with AA battery, mimio Studio software CD, Mounting Brackets, and 16′ (5m) USB cable.

mimio® masters™ Tuition
In three sequential courses, the mimio masters™ program will put you in touch with other avid mimio users and develop your competency with interactive technologies.  Conducted both online and in person, mimio masters™ classes provide a forum for sharing ideas and experiences as you work towards improving your teaching methodology, reaching your students more effectively, and energizing yourself, professionally.

Pretty cool, huh?  Hopefully you will be the lucky STAR Discovery Educator who wins!  All you have to do is post a comment to this blog post by 6 PM EDT today (May 4, 2009) that includes your name, email address and 1-2 sentences about the teacher who has made the greatest impact on your life.

One STAR Discovery Educator’s name will be randomly drawn and announced on the blog today after 6 PM EDT.

Thanks again to mimio for giving us this special kick-off to our Teacher Appreciation Week celebration.  You can join our friends from mimio at our Pre-NECC Extravaganza in Silver Spring, MD.

Make sure to check the DEN blog every day this week as we celebrate YOU!


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  1. Jennifer Kraft said:

    Choosing one teacher who had an impact on my life is very difficult. However, I think I would have to say that the teacher who had the most impact in my life was my mom (and yes, I did have her as a teacher). She is currently in her 37th year and still loves her job! The kids and staff and parents all have the utmost respect for her and they always come back to say thank you for everything she did for them. She attends so much outside of school to support the students she had, even when they are in high school. I can only hope I can support my students and teachers as much as she has.

  2. Randall Palmer said:

    Randall Palmer, rpalmer@tcischool.org

    Mr. Frank Delasandro was the first “computer teacher” in my elementary school. He recognized my interest and abilities and encouraged me to help other students use the computer. Now I am following in his shoes as a school technology specialist.

  3. stacy kasse said:

    She was a tough old bird, Mrs. Winston, my fifth grade teacher in Haddonfield, NJ, but boy, did she make me want to become a teacher. Her philosophy of “you have to pay to play” made my class and I work hard, and yet it was the fun and happy times we had together, as a class,that made me want to become the best, caring, and wonderfully talent teacher I could be–just like Mrs. Winston.

  4. Meg Griffin said:

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity. I have so many fond memories of teachers that it is really hard to pick just one teacher. I guess in the end I would pick a professer from college, Fr. G. I had him for 3 courses and he was one of the hardest professors I ever had. He held his students to a high standard and didn’t accept less than your best. He challenged me to achieve at a level I had never before pushed myself to. So to Fr. G and all the other incredible, amazing, inspiring teachers, thank you!

  5. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Would love to win the Mimio! Miss Alice Rodgers was my 5th Grade Teacher. She was all about teaching outside the box and project based learning. Still an inspiration for me as a teacher.

  6. Christine Archer said:

    Mrs. Smith helped me find a place to connect within our high school. She was the theatre teacher and I so appreciate that she took me under her wing and taught me how to fly. I’ll never forget her.

  7. Jim Stewart said:

    Once again, the DEN provides great resources to teachers. Thanks to Mimio for providing a great tech tool, too! I appreciate the PLN I have belonging to the DEN. I look forward to more exciting learning opportunities!

  8. Rae Ann Vandrovec said:

    Sr. Clavera was my favorite elementary teacher. She had 30 students of her own, but reacted with kindness when adding another 15 students after the death of a teacher during the middle of the year. She even let us perform plays! Wow!

  9. Fred Delventhal said:

    WooHoo! Thanks for giving teachers THE best support in what they do in their classrooms. You all are great!

  10. Scott Meech said:

    Go DEN, Teachers and Mimio! Seriously, can you get any cuter than Mimio’s USB Drives?

    scott @ smeech.net

  11. Nancy Sharoff said:

    That’s easy — it’s the teacher who is yet to be! She/he is the one who makes me continue to learn new things that I will be able to share. In order to instill passion, you, yourself must be passionate. I continue to learn and DEN continues to help me along that path!

  12. Melinda Tilley said:

    My dad was the one who inspired me to be a teacher; he was the P.E/weight training teacher and also coached football and basketball. I had the honor of playing for him. Although he is retired now, he still continues to be a positive role model for students.

    Thanks Discovery and Mimio for a great opportunity!


  13. Ann Oro said:

    The teacher who made the biggest impact on my life is my sixth grade teacher Miss Augustine. She had a classroom alive with learning opportunities. She happens to work in my school and is the best mentor a person could hope for!
    Ann Oro: aoro@comcast.net

  14. Robin Thrailkill said:

    A teacher I fondly remember is Mrs. Eloise Rice, high school chemistry teacher. She could take any ordinary household item and teach a wonderful lesson. She was all about hands-on learning. WOW to Mrs. Rice.

  15. Mae Isaac said:

    Wow, just one teacher? There were many in my life – but I think the teacher who was there when I needed him most was my AP English teacher, Steve Lewis. He made me realize that caring for your students on a personal level can make such a lasting impression. Even now, almost 20 years later, I think back on what I learned from that class, and so much of it was what I needed to transition from HS to college, to become the adult, the teacher I am. Thank you Steve – I think of you often, especially now that I am a HS teacher!

  16. Selena Ward said:

    My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Baker had the biggest influece on my life. She taught what it meant to be a smart, independent woman. She was the best example of a teacher that was firm, but really cared about her students.

  17. Netia Elam said:

    In my teacher education program, I had an amazing professor named Starr Weaver. She truly had a passion for teaching that was contagious. What she taught us (hands-on, project-based inquiry) was ahead of her time.

    From Netia Elam, elamjl@pwcs.edu

  18. Paula Naugle said:

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Mimio and DEN.

    My high school Problems of Democracy teacher, Mr. Roser, was more than just about the classrom, assignments, and tests. He saw us as individuals and was truly interested in our futures. He went out of his way to mentor many seniors each year.

    My name is Paula Naugle and my email is plnaugle@gmail.com.

  19. Katie Knapp said:


    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Holman, my 8th grade science teacher. She made me want to excel in a subject that I really didn’t even like 😉

  20. Mary Frazier said:

    Thanks Discovery for honoring teachers this week! So many teachers have made an impact on my life and continue to do so. Today I’m thinking about Jona Neufeld who was my teaching partner for about 3 years. Jona is a fabulous teacher. She builds relationships with students, is able to show them the relevance of the content, and then can successfully add the rigor. She has creative ideas and is willing to take risks!

  21. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    The teacher that inspired me most was Billy Williams in Algebra II. He was very nit-picky about every little thing. He was very strict, scary, and a huge disciplinarian. In order to use technology in a classroom, you have to be able to manage that classroom. He had the largest impact on my teaching career. I have the ability to be a strict disciplinarian and have fun with technology at the same time!!

  22. Sue Iannacci said:

    I have had a few teachers who have inspired me so it is difficult to choose just one.
    In middle school it would have had to be Mr. J. Williams, my science teacher who taught me a love for the outdoors and environmental education. In high school it would be Mrs. Sorenson who taught me how to research and use a variety of sources. I didn’t know it at the time but all of the skills she taught me came in handy for college. In college I was inspired by the Director of Teacher Education who pushed me to my max and made me a great teacher. At my first teaching job Mr. J showed me his enthusiasum for teaching middle school and it definately had an impact on my life. When I came to Ridley School District, Miss C. Miller was a role model who I will never forget, her zest for knowledge and her skill at adapting the lessons to met the needs of all students was tremendous. Lastly, My father, although not a public school teacher has instilled in me the desire to be a life long learner especially in the field of technology. Despite the fact that I work on Macs and he prefers PCs. He, even into his retirement continues to stay abreast of changes in technology. Thanks to all of these marvelous teachers, because of them I have been successful in my career for the past 20 years.

  23. Kristine Rebstock said:

    The teacher I remember most is my High School Physics teacher, Mr. Hendrickson. He is the male version of Mrs. Frizzle from Magic School Bus. He got his (and our) hands dirty on a daily basis. EVERY lesson we learned in physics had a hands on activity that forced you to be engaged whether you thought you wanted to or not. My favorite lesson was the day he decided to teach us about liquid nitrogen. He had a container of it on his lab desk. He placed a banana in it for a few seconds; then he pulled it out and smashed it on the table. He put daisies, paper, a strand of hair, and his pudding from his lunch box in the container. No one in the class missed the concept of Kelvin degrees. Those lessons stick with me even now…and they influence how I teach my students as well.

  24. Brian Slope said:

    The 21st century teacher is the one who has made a big impact on me. I know that this teacher will provide my children with an education that will prepare them for today’s world complete with skills to compete in the new global marketplace.

  25. Joe Brennan said:

    Many great folks along the way but the one who stands out was my H.S. religion and Spanish teacher, and varsity basketball coach (very small school) senior year. He had his act together on so many levels and passed it along to many of us. I still talk to him and see him occasionally after almost 45 years. At 70+ he has a website and still travels to give talks but gave up coaching a long time ago.

  26. Traci said:

    Traci Blazosky

    The teacher who made the greatest impact on my life was my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Maguire. He made learning exciting and motivated us to really see the big picture and think critically about things. He ALWAYS incorporated children’s literature into his lessons! He was funny and caring… and made those awkward pre-teen years/moments easy to get through. Mr. Maguire is now Dr. Maguire… and I was very fortunate to have him as my Children’s Literature teacher and student teacher Supervisor when I was attending college.

  27. Robin Martin said:

    Carol Dennis was the teacher who had the greatest impact upon my life. She not only inspired me to become a teacher, but lived good values and held us up to higher standards as people. She was also one of the most fun coaches I ever had. I remember we all dressed up in Halloween costumes for a field hockey game and laughed the whole time.(back before all the very strict rules).

  28. ldaughrity said:

    Speaking in the present, I would have to say that the technology teachers I work with right now make a huge impact on my life every day! Without their daily teasing and laughter and great input I would not be who I am. So although I have so many teachers that impacted my life as a child… I’d like to take this moment to say thanks to all of my teacher friends! You guys make my life awesome!

    Lea Anne

  29. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    Wow! Just one teacher–hmmm. I would have to say Mrs. Singer, my fourth grade teacher, was one that left a positive lasting impact on me both as a student and a teacher. She made learning fun and engaging with projects, and she let us be ourselves! There were so many teachers along the way, but she was one of those INCREDIBLE teachers!

    Teryl Magee

  30. Karen Bosch said:

    The teacher who had a great impact on me was my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Lucas. She did “project based learning” decades before that was the buzzword. I vividly remember the activities we did for social studies and the books that she read to us. Her kind words were image building. Once she asked if I took art lessons, and I think that encouraged me to be creative, something that has deeply impacted the way that I teach.

  31. RJ Stangherlin said:

    The teacher who had the greatest impact on me was Mr. DeBellis, my Latin teacher. I did not understand the ablative absolute, and he could not fully explain it to me. I kept questioning him, to the point that he finally said, in exasperation, “Gruss, your why’s will make or break you.” Although it was delivered negatively, I read it positively. He helped me realize that I was in control of my destiny, in an era that was not so forward thinking, yet.

  32. Rachel Yurk said:

    Wow, very cool! The teacher that made the biggest impact on me as a teacher was Mr. Schlicter, my 6th grade teacher. He was awesome as he really treated each student with adoration and respect. He was tough teacher, but fair and encouraged each of us to try hard. He was forgiving and understanding.
    Rachel Yurk

  33. Cindi Bolton said:

    The teacher who has made the greatest impact on my life would be fellow DEN member Mary Carole Strother. In the past 8 years she has taught me more about striving to be the best LMS than I ever learned in college. I just wish I could be half as good as she is! Keep pushing us all MC!!!

  34. Deb Thomson said:

    My favorite educator was Dr. Ira Hoff at Bloom High School. He took a special interest in me at a time in my life when all was in turmoil. He was a mentor to me and became a long-time friend. Thank you, Dr. Hoff!

  35. Patti Grammens said:

    Like many others it is hard to choose just one teacher. I would have to say my high school band teacher – Mr. Pat Dessent. He inspired me to go beyond what I had to do and never give up. I still correspond with him at Christmas each year, and know how very fortunate I am that he was an influence in my life.

  36. Sara Simmons said:

    I guess the most influential teacher I had in my life, had to be my 12th English teacher. I lost grandfather in November and I still remember how he came over to my desk, squatted down and made sure I was okay. He let me write about my loss instead of the normal writing assignments for a while. It really helped me to get it all out through my writing. I will never forget the compassion he showed to me, and I try to show the same for my students.

  37. Megan Reilly said:

    The teacher that made the most impact on my life was my mother. I know it sounds cheesy, but she was and continues to be my teacher in school and life. She was one of my college professors and continues to support me in my teaching career. She is a great role model and understands the world of teaching (especially Special Education). My mother was my favorite teacher and is always willing to help her students in whatever way she can. She encourages you to do your best and expects nothing less.

  38. E Cooper said:

    My Favorite teacher was Dr. James Hempfield. His technique and attitude was entertaining and informative. As an eighth and again a 10th grader, I hated school. It (school) seemed useless and boring to me. Dr. Hempfield made his Earth Space Science and Biology classes fun. It was because of him that I ultimately decided to become a science (chem / bio) teacher. To this day I tell my students about some of the “crazy” things that we did in his class.

  39. Bridget Miles said:

    The teacher who made the greatest impact on me would be my third grade teacher Eileen Nordstrom. I always liked school, but in third grade I loved school and decided I wanted to become a teacher. The best part is I had the opportunity to substitute in her classroom and tell this to her. : )

  40. Kevin Clary said:

    Mrs. Bonnie Wilkes is a class act–stern but fair, high expectations, and a role model for us all. She was my Latin teacher in high school, as well as my senior homeroom teacher. I also had the good fortune to come back and work with her as a colleague for several years before she retired. Like her, I taught High School English for 20 years before switching over and becoming a media and technology coordinator. Almost daily I stop and think, “what would Bonnie do in this situation?” …she will always have a special place in my heart. THANK YOU to her as well as many others for supporting and encouraging me on my quest for higher education. Thank You!! –K. Clary

  41. Patti Duncan said:

    The one teacher who most inspired me was Mr. Gary Vito, my HS Social Studies teacher in Toms River NJ. To be honest, it wasn’t Mr. Vito’s SS class that inspired me to become an educator. Mr. Vito was also the Student Council Advisor, School Photographer and overall Cool Guy. He was so involved in our “Extracurricula” world and got to know us all so well. He made being in HS like a family and the best times that I can remember were ones working with him as part of his team. When I made the decision to become an educator, I wanted to be a “Mr Vito”. He was an educator who was as great outside of the classroom as he was in and REALLY got involved with his students. To this day I make sure I know what my students are doing outside of the classroom so that I can ask them how things are going. I really feel that helps me with my relationships with them because they really know that I care. Thanks Mr. Vito!

  42. Terri Birr said:

    My Language Arts teacher in 7th grade gave us projects to do to help us learn. Ms. Pleva was the teacher who made learning fun and I will never forget her. She also had eyes in the back of her head and could look at the blackboard, but tell exactly who was talking in the classroom. I followed her teaching practices as a classroom teacher, but could never figure out how she could see without looking at the class!

  43. Carol Broos said:

    My love of teaching came from my church choral director that took the time to play the piano for me while I sang before Sunday School. I loved to sing and sing I did. Taking the small amount of time that Miss Connors did, is the basis of all I teach today. Personalization. Thanks Miss Connors!

  44. Janet Hallstrom said:

    Mrs. Sopia Barron and I attended high school in the same town, but never met until we became teachers. You see, our youth was segregated. As an experienced teacher, she became my mentor and my friend. She retired with no sick days accumulated and died two months later of Sickle Cell Anemia. I realized in my grief that Mrs. Barron lives on every day in my teaching.

  45. Margie Guillo said:

    My first school librarian, Stephanie W., in my first school as a teacher, had a big impact on me. She showed me that a librarian does more than read books to kids. Because of her, now that I’m a Library Media Specialist, my library program is much, much more than just reading books.

  46. Linda Michael said:

    The teacher who made the greatest impact in my life was Miss Shupe. She was my fourth grade teacher and she inspired me to become a teacher. I remember that I never wanted to miss school that year because she made learning fun.

    Linda Michael

  47. Margie Guillot said:

    My first school librarian, Stephanie W., in my first school as a teacher, had a big impact on me. She showed me that a librarian does more than read books to kids. Because of her, now that I’m a Library Media Specialist, my library program is much, much more than just reading books. From Margie Guillot, mguillot@dickinsonisd.org

  48. Gina Loveless said:

    The teacher who probably impacted me the most was a teacher that I never had in the classroom. Mrs. Hawkins was a 6th grade math teacher and she was in charge of choosing and taking three students to a math competition each year. She chose two boys (the brains of my class) and ME! I couldn’t believe it!! I’m sure there were better students to choose but she had chosen me. I had a blast and it made me feel so incredibly special. We did pretty well and now I realize that although I probably wasn’t the best choice at figuring out the actual math, I might have been creative and vocal enough to make a positive impact on the team. She taught me that sometimes it takes just one break for someone to spread their wings and fly!

  49. Christina Troxell said:

    One of my favorite teachers was my 7th grade Language Arts teacher Ms. Alfonso. I loved her class because we read paperback novels, had discussion groups, and always had fun projects to do which related to the novels.

  50. Mona Effler said:

    I have favorite teachers from every phase of my life. Each one helped guide and strengthen me on my journeys. One recent favorite is Dr. Mike Sayler at UNT. He was my grad adviser and along with learning about ed psych, I learned about how a teacher should treat their students. He showed me patience, respect, challenges, and humor. I hope to meet more teachers like Dr. Sayler along my way.

  51. Peg Housenga said:

    I was my third grade teacher – Mrs. Farmer! Amazingly enough, that’s the grade I’ve been teaching for many years. She was fun, funny, young, pretty and just made school a really fun place to be! She even came to my house one time to “have coffee” with my mom. Very cool!

  52. Dean Mantz said:

    There are many teachers that have influenced me during my time as a student along with being a fellow teacher. Both of my parents were teachers but the one that influenced me the most was my grandfather. He was not a teacher but and educator. An educator about the facts of life and that regardless of how much cancer he had everyone should live their life to the fullest. Stand up for your beliefs and work your way through the hurdles placed in front of you. Grandpa was my biggest influence in life!

  53. Kelli Erwin said:

    The one teacher that impacted me the most…the reason I made a career change to education was Barbara Sullivan. She was my high school BCIS teacher and a great influence. We stayed in touch for many years after HS and when my first son was born, she convinced me to get my certification and teach. I am so glad that I listened to her. 🙂
    Kelli Erwin

  54. Carolyn Rains said:

    It is hard to narrow it down. But when someone asks me that question my second grade teacher, Mrs. Laney, comes to mind. She believed in me and encouraged my love for books!

  55. Ken Shelton said:

    Ken Shelton

    The teacher that has had the greatest impact on my life is one of my graduate school professors, Dr. Manisha Javeri. She has transformed the way projects are assigned in her classes. All projects assigned are not only to demonstrate a mastery of the content, but they are meaningful and useful to others. For example, we developed e-learning instructional modules in the distance learning class for the University of Lurio in Mozambique, Africa. The modules are to help the students and faculty there learn more about how to use technology.

  56. Jane Suiter said:

    I don’t really have just one teacher who inspired me. It was all of those dedicated professionals who influenced my life and teaching style. It is also all of those colleagues today who help me to change, adapt, and advance in my profession.

    Jane Suiter

  57. Jacque Drenten said:

    The teacher who impacted me the most was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Mack. She taught me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams. She was the reason I became a teacher. I wanted to be just like her.

  58. Kristi Cummings said:

    I am the teacher who I am today in part to my high school literature teacher Paul Dummer, who taught me to be confident in my abilities and how to write and speak with conviction. He taught me how to really speak what was on my heart and mind without always worrying or trying to say what I thought he wanted to hear. Thank you, Mr. Dummer!

    Kristi Cummings

  59. Melissa Warren said:

    When I was in school there were no computers, and calculators and overheads were our “technology”. I was lucky enough to have wonderful teachers who still managed to make learning interesting and exciting for us. I think Mrs. Pat Tester had the most impact on me. She taught English and Spanish classes. I took every class I could from her and was later lucky enough to teach in the same school with her.

  60. Brenda Muench said:

    Mr. Norris was my vocal music teacher from 5th grade to 12th grade. He instilled in me a love of opera music. I never would have been introduced to this genre in rural Illinois with out his guidance!

  61. dahall said:

    Wow to pick just one is tough but because I have to, I will pick my LD resource teacher in elementary school Mrs. Libby. She was amazing and kind and never made me feel like I was learning disabled. She is the reason I became a teacher. Like her, I want to make sure all students have the skills that will give them the ability to finally succeed in school. I hope I have helped my students as much as she helped me. YEA MRS. LIBBY YOU ROCK!


  62. Mark J Perlman said:

    I will stack ALL my K-12 teachers against ANY set out there. George Constantino was the one who absolutely influenced me to become a teacher (and follow in his footsteps @ SUNY Cortland). George taught me to never give up on a students: to treat them firmly, fairly, and with dignity. He saw something in me long before I saw it myself – and I thank him every day in my heart. George was a tough teacher, a tougher coach, and a supportive friend who never wavered in his support for his students and friends (many of us former students). I hope he was as proud of me as I am to have been his friend and student.

  63. Shannon Wentworth said:

    The teacher who had the greatest impact on me is my 7th & 8th grade science teacher, Mr. White. He showed all of us that you can have fun and learn at the same time through activities like class movies and astronaut training.

  64. Glenda Jenkins said:

    My third grade teacher always reminded me it was ok to be curious and creative. To always search for new things and new ideas. My goal is to continue sharing those ideas with students.

  65. Mark J Perlman said:

    Mark J. Perlman
    I will still stack my teachers against anyone’s list. George Constantino is why I am the educator I am today (and still having fun doing it)!!!!
    (I promise to read all directions before submitting…I promise to…)

  66. Diana Laufenberg said:

    Diana Laufenberg

    Mr. Severson was my science teacher in MS/HS and although I really didn’t enjoy science classes much at the time… he was the teacher that decided to take a motley crew of middle schoolers camping in a field, in rural WI. This began a long series of trips, excursions and adventures yielding my current fascination with the outdoors and all things nature. He is an amazing, patient and influential person in my life.

  67. Heather Leal said:

    Thank you for all you do for us! The most impact is hard to choose. My high school art teachers, Mr. Schutte and Mr. Meulmeister, taught us by example- we became artists in their rooms- a community of artists working with them. They lived art, and so did we. From critiques in Mr. Schutte’s funky tuxedo, to having our work juried and hanging shows, we were constantly challenged, creating and imagining. We had a very special place we belonged in school- and I don’t think the love of art or the ways of thinking have left any of us since.
    Thank you, Mr. Schutte and Mr. Meulmeister

  68. Michelle Krill said:

    The teacher that has impacted me the most would have to be my high school history teacher. He could tell that I wasn’t ‘into’ his class, but he took the time to get to know me personally and attempt to help me connect history with the present.

    Michelle Krill

  69. Elizabeth Auld Thrailkill said:

    Like many others I have had many teacher who influenced me. The teacher with the greatest influence on my life was a teacher with whom I had a negative relationship. I loved US History, but struggled. She was harsh and I was convinced she did not like me. I worked very hard to learn and for her approval, which I never thought I had. I was also in her homeroom, on the annual staff, and in a mentorship course she facilitated. I worked hard in all of these hoping she would see my potntial. She obviously knew that was the best way to motivate me. Many years later I was in a graduate class she taught. She commented to the class concerning our previous relationship and what a dedicated student and hard worker I was. She made me better, and new more about me than I knew about myself.

  70. Erin Francis said:

    Devonna Sue Morra was the teacher who had the most impact on my life, primarily because she understood her students. We all felt like she really “got” where we were coming from, and she knew that school wasn’t always the only thing we had going on in our lives. Also, she was always up on the latest and greatest happenings in the field of science.

  71. Cheryl said:

    Cheryl Phillips chofish@gmail.com

    I didn’t like school, didn’t like to read, got put down by one teacher for my poor penmenship….UGH! So how did I get here? It was my Western civilization Professor at George Mason, (he’s since passed) who opened my eyes to what a real teacher is. He inspired us, engaged us, and above all made us THINK! I thought, if this man can light a fire under me and get me to enjoy reading and coming to school, then I could maybe do the same. I hope I carry a bit of him inside me because a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him and wish all teachers were as inspirational as he was. I only wish I had the chance to tell him.

  72. Jennifer Jensen said:

    Mr. Keidel – Growing up I wanted to be a wildlife biologist and Mr. Keidel was my MS science teacher. The activities he had us do were amazing. What I now realize is that he made all learning meaningful, fun, engaging, and relevant.

    Jennifer Jensen

  73. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Ms. Perry was my 3rd grade teacher who saw a young neglected girl and made me feel smart and special. She even had car windows that went up at the touch of a button instead of turning the handle. She sent me out to put her windows up when it was going to rain. (I guess this comment shows my age.) Thank you, Miss Perry from North Plainfield, NJ!

  74. Susan McCarthy said:

    Mr. Cobb and Mr. Young, the band director and assistant band director at my high school. They held all of us to a high standard and accepted nothing less than our best musically, academically, or personally. We had a reunion a year ago and it was so touching to hear the same words same over and over again “what a difference you made in my life” by so many of my classmates and by many who had graduated long before we arrived on the campus. Our ranks include doctors, lawyers, teachers, pilots, writers, musicians, computer programmers, accountants, researchers and numerous other professions. The sad thing is, they probably wouldn’t be allowed to make students walk that fine line today!

  75. Julie Tommer said:

    Wow! Describing one teacher that had the greatest impact on my life is a difficult task. I was blessed with great teachers and believe they’re the reason I became a teacher. The one that had the largest influence on my life would be my FACS teacher Mrs. Cindy Evans (then Cindy Muir). Her support and belief that I could do whatever I set out to accomplish gave me the desire to want more. Because of her, I became a FACS teacher and try to provide my students with the same unconditional support.
    Julie Tommer

  76. Joe Miller said:

    Mr. Sunday was one of the many teachers who had a positive impact on my education. He was one of those teachers students never forget.

  77. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Awesome Opportunity! Thanks! My sixth grade teacher was a great guy who made each one of us feel special. He was a large man and had experienced the ugly side of kids while growing up himself – so he knew what it was like not to fit in and so in his class each of us fit in and felt special in our own individual way!

  78. Andrea Townsend said:

    The fourth grade teacher who let me do all her bulletin boards and window displays gave me the encouragement I needed to pursue teaching and art. She also talked on and on about her son who was exploring in the arctic circle. Though many other students were bored, I loved looking at the maps and thinking of places in the world beyond my small town.

  79. Daniel Moix said:

    I have to credit Mrs. Ella Reese, my 7th grade math teacher. She told me that a new residential school for gifted students was opening and that I needed to look into it once I was old enough. Three years later she came to the high school and tracked me down and asked why I hadn’t applied to the school yet. That school is the one that I graduated from and now the one where I teach.

    Daniel Moix

  80. Mary Banfield said:

    My third grade teacher had the greatest impact on me. It was the summer of third grade when she appeared at my house (way back when) and she asked if I would be able to help her with her new students for that year. She neveer said I had failed she said she needed my help. I never forgot that and remember when students are having trouble to ask for their help so I can help them. Thanks Mrs. Gates.

  81. Christina Brunschwyler said:

    My favorite teacher is Mrs. Nancy Wolfe. She teaches 10th-12th grade students at a Vocational Technical School. During HS My father was unemployed and my mother worked part time as a Head Start teacher. My 2 younger brothers and I understood our financial limitations and it was never a concern of ours. We didn’t want for anything. When I reached 11th grade, I really wanted to go to college (the first in my family to go), but I knew there was no way we could afford it. So, I signed up to go to Vo-Tech for Early Childhood education. This way I could still achieve my dream of teaching and working with children. Mrs. Wolfe was my teacher at Vo-Tech. She encouraged me that I really could achieve my dream of a college education. She was not only my teacher, she was my light and my guide to the future. I am still in touch with her and I often think of her as I work with students who need a little extra encouragement and a little reassurance that they CAN reach their goals and achieve their dreams. She makes me a better teacher and a better person.

  82. Donna Nelsen said:

    My favorite teacher was my high school art teacher named Miss Nelly. She was patient, kind and inspiring in a quiet way. She also drove a class T-Bird!

  83. Kirsten Innes said:

    I was so lucky to go to such a fabulous elementary school with wonderful teachers who instilled the love of learning and fostered my lifelong dream to be a teacher. If I had to pick one, it would be Mrs. Joy Cash, my second grade teacher. She made us feel like we were the best and could be the best no matter what.

  84. Jeanne Rogers said:

    Sister Donna Poalini made the greatest impact on my life. I believe she is the reason I am a teacher. There were many others and I recall one of the principals I worked for say at a staff meeting, “What is it you recall from your days in the classroom? Is it the Pythagorean Theorem? Scientific method? No, it is the teacher!”

  85. Amy Miller said:

    The teacher that had the greatest impact on me was my high school math teacher Mr. Cattell. He used humor and friendly competition to push us to succeed. Because of him, I finally became successful in math.

  86. Tricia Troiano said:

    Carolyn Pratt-Mitchell was my fourth grade teacher and she has been my inspiration of what an excellent teacher is. I struggled in school. As an adult I found out the reason why I struggled so much was because I had a learning disability. Back in the 70’s special education was just coming into play. Carolyn took me under her wing and tutored me. She became a good friend of the family and she never gave up on me even though I wanted to give up. Because of this excellent teacher I wanted to follow in her footsteps and became a great teacher. I would love to say technology played a great role back then, but we all know that computers didnt come into play until the mid 80’s. Thank you Mrs. Mitchell!

  87. Peggy Wood said:

    Without a doubt it was Miss Burnell – my first grade teacher. We moved when I was a first grader and THANK HEAVENS. My first 1st-grade teacher was not the most “welcoming soul” on Earth and I did not have a great start. But, with the move came my new first grade teacher, Miss Burnell, who welcomed all with open arms. I just remember her as a kind, enthusiastic and very special person. Under her guidance I ended my 1st-grade year on a very successful and positive note! Yeah, Miss Burnell!

    Peggy Wood

  88. Susan Little said:

    The teacher that had the greatest impact on my life was Mr. Shrock, in 6th grade. He helped me grow into a confident person willing to risks.

  89. Colette Cassinelli said:

    My 6th grade teacher Mr. DeHaven was my most memorable teacher. 6th grade was an awkward year for me but Mr DeHaven made it special. He would allow me to help him in his classroom after school and he made me feel like someone special. I also thought it was cool that he took the whole class fishing and taught us how to hook a worm. I also remember taking our Aztec Indian report and publishing it as a book. He made learning fun and creative!!!

  90. Patti Habetler said:

    My 8th grade teacher made a big impression on me because his class encouraged discussion and thinking outside the box. This was something very new eons ago.

  91. Sandee Shellenhamer said:

    The teacher who impacted my life the most is my student teaching Co-op and friend, Dr. Georgia Bishop. Georgia was a 1st grade teacher for 35 years and taught me EVERYTHING about teaching children to read – strategies that follow through to technology literacy as well. Georgia taught me more about literacy than any class or professor will have do.


  92. Kevin Willson said:

    The teacher that impacted me the most was my father who taught middle school math for 32 1/2 years. I was fortunate as a young child to visit him in the classroom and outside at his extracurricular activities. He taught me that a great teacher teaches in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.

  93. Tim Childers said:

    The teacher to have the greatest impact on me was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Frazier. She read to us every day, introduced me to SRAs, helped develop my love of writing, and grew up next to Agnes Morehead (Samantha’s mother on “Betwitched”). She was an awesome teacher.


  94. Laurie said:

    My grandmother was the teacher that made the biggest impact on my life . . . it is because of her that I’m a teacher.

    I remember being in her classroom after school and watching her work with her students. I recall a lot of long division and chalkboard dust! The way that she interacted with her kids is how I try to interact with mine – with a sense of humor and a firm and loving manner.

    I honor my grandma on this day as she is fighting for her life in a hospital in Las Vegas.

  95. Dennis Grice said:

    “Mr. D” taught me that it’s okay to embarrass yourself or do whatever was necessary to help kids learn. He had no problem putting student success ahead of his own dignity. It made learning fun! He also made a point during the school year to call each parent and tell them something great their kid had done. Imagine the shock from parents when they find out the teacher is calling to praise their child rather than reprimand them. Truly one of the best mentor teachers ever.

  96. Christina said:

    The teacher who made the biggest impact on my life was my third grade teacher, Ms, Shands. She always had a bright smile interesting lessons and a firm hand in dealing with her students. I have tried to emulate her teaching style that I remember in my class!!

  97. Anne Bender said:

    I am inspired by the teacher I worked with when I began teaching. She taught me to keep learning about content, pedagogy and technology. She showed me that by being a life long learner you can keep your teaching up to date and never be bored!

  98. EVA HARVELL said:

    Eva Harvell .. eharvell@psd.ms

    The teacher that has most inspired me was my 1st grade teacher. I cam remember doing so much more than worksheets in her reading class. She made learning literature fun!

  99. Dawn DeWitt said:

    I’ll bet Mrs. Martz would not have missed the deadline on a prize give-away like this one! I got busy (YESTERDAY) and did not get back to see the news! Mrs. Martz was my second and third grade teacher. She could do everything! She was extremely strict, could walk with books on her head and she played the piano. She was an artist, a mathematician, scientist and storyteller. She did not like it when I walked like a duck on the way back from lunch.

  100. Shirley Phillips said:

    Through all my 40 years of teaching, my mind always thinks back to my basketball coach who always dressed like a lady for the games. Through hours and hours of practice and games, she instilled dignity, character, success, pride, and doing your best at all times in the team. Traits that have followed me since. Mrs. Butler never raised her voice or threw a tamtrum, but we knew to do what we were told. She passed away about five years ago and basketball girls from various decades packed the services.

  101. Deborah R. Heigel said:

    The teacher I’ll always remember and respect is Miss Wetzel. She was so good at making us curious about anything Spanish. Senorita Wetzel took many trips abroad with us and I credit her with my love of travel. Thanks Miss Wetzel!

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