Congrats to Lori Abrahams of IL!

mimioCongratulations to STAR Discovery Educator Lori Abrahams for being selected as the winner of the mimio® Interactive System and mimio® masters™ Tuition.

And thanks again to mimio for helping us kick off our week-long celebration of our STARs.  Make sure to check the blog every day this week.  We have a lot more up our virtual sleeves.


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  1. Melanie Corn said:

    Congratulations, Lori! Enjoy!!

  2. Valaina Maher said:

    I love it when someone I know wins. You go girl!

  3. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Congratulations, Lori. I would love if after you use it, you would write about it and we could post it to the DEN blog. Wonderful way to begin DENs Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

  4. Patti Duncan said:

    YEAH for you Lori! THAT is so cool!

  5. Ann Oro said:

    Congratulations Lori. What a great start to Teacher Appreciation Week!

  6. Deb Thomson said:

    Congratulations, Lori. That is so exciting!

  7. Robin Martin said:

    I am sure Lori will get great use out of this product. We have one in our school too! You go girl!

  8. Cathy Masse said:

    Congrats! You should be rewarded for all of your hard work both in RL and SL

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