DEN VC Follow-up

With the Discovery Virtual Conference collection of sites still sitting on my desk, I sit to try and capture a blog post for WI blog about one of the in-person sites.  We hosted an in-person event in New Berlin, WI at New Berlin Eisenhower.  It was a fantastic day and I am always stuck by the dedication of teachers who turn out for each event to participate on a Saturday.   Way to go Wisconsin teachers!

We kicked off the day with an option of either watching the scheduled Webex or joining WI DEN LC members Chad Lehman (spelled with one “n”) our very own Blog Chair and myself, Rachel Yurk,  the Chair of the DEN LC discussing Building Your Own PLN.  Chad and I created a wiki to use and share with the people who attended.  They exciting thing about this session was that it was early in the day and I think it got people really thinking about professional development and the way teachers learn together.  Throughout the day many of the people who attended that live session actually snuck back into the lab and worked on setting up Twitter and or Plurk accounts.  We did an impromptu session about GPS’s and geocaching and even taught some side sessions on Wikis.  What a great group of people.  I hope I see you all out there on Twitter and Plurk!

We continued on with the day to enjoy Chris Lehmann (with 2 “n”s ) as the day’s keynote as well as some great presentations from STAR DEN members from around the country.  There were so many great discussions, ideas and ideas passed along that I really felt sorry for the people that were at home watching and listening to the Webex in their PJ’s at home.  They missed so much. (Not to mention the great lunch provided by Discovery!) 

Thanks again Discovery for a fantastic day! 

Stay tuned for the archives of the virtual presentations.

post written by Rachel Yurk, Wisconsin DEN LC Chair


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