Teacher Appreciation Week: Day 3

Shouldn’t we have 365 days of teacher appreciation?  The President of Discovery Education thinks so…

Today for Teacher Appreciation Week we have an awesome partner who has donated their product to our STARs.  LabelDaddy’s labels are a huge hit with the DEN team.  Jannita has one on her Blackberry.  Matt has one on his cell phone charger.  Hall has one on, well, he has one on himself.  Now every STAR can get stuck on LabelDaddy with a 20% discount.

labelJust visit LabelDaddy and at checkout enter the code: DEN2009.

And…if you post a comment to this blog telling us what item you’d put your first label on we’ll give you a shot at a $50 gift card every hour (from 12 PM EDT to 6 PM EDT).

12 PM Winner: RJ Stangherlin

1 pm Winner: Betty Jo English

2 pm Winner: Jolene Barron

3pm Winner: Keith Schroeder

4pm Winner: Patti Duncan

5pm Winner: Robin Martin

6pm Winner: Cheryl Woolwine


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  1. Lori Feldman said:

    My first label would be…um…”Will work for Diet Pepsi”. Needless to say I CAN be bribed by staff!

  2. Katie Knapp, VA DEN LC Chair said:

    My label would go on my cool, new stapler…I’m thinking it’s not going to last very long in my lab!!

  3. Fred Delventhal said:

    In honor of my mother with Mother’s Day coming up, I would label articles of clothing so I don’t lose any when traveling to DC and Silver Spring for NECC and the DEN Pre-Con!

  4. Lisa Parisi said:

    I would use my first label to label tech equipment in our classroom. Hopefully, new laptops will be included in that soon…as soon as one of our students wins the Doodle for Google contest. 😉

  5. Rachel Yurk said:

    I would put my first label on ….that fancy DEN clock! No just kidding, but I made you laugh! I would label all my cords, cables and wires so that when I attend the LC conf and NECC in DC I don’t get my stuff mixed up with all the other stuff on the floor there.

  6. Nancy Sharoff said:

    My first label will say ‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected’ ™ and I would probably put one on every kid walking into my computer lab! LOL

  7. Valaina Maher said:

    My first label would be on my glasses that I keep taking off and leaving in classrooms.

  8. Sherry Brott said:

    My first labels would go on all the gadgets that I take with me everyday from school to school – digital camera, FLIP camera, portable hard drives,laptop, etc. I can’t believe I haven’t already labeled them.

  9. Maryann Molishus said:

    I would put a label on each of my student’s homework folders with with the LabelDaddy name and web address. Hopefully, parents order the labels and put them on all their children’s supplies and coats!!!! Also, you can get gift certificates from LabelDaddy. That is cool, too!

  10. Deborah Thonus said:

    My first label would go on my LCD projector. It is one of the most valuable teaching tools I have, and it makes using all of the resources from Discovery Education more powerful. I bite my nails every time I loan my projector to a colleague. A label would come in handy for sure!

  11. Barbara De Santis said:

    I would place an inspirational quote (as well as my blog and email address) and leave it with each teacher I visit. Every month I try to fine tune my communication plan- maybe this would work!

  12. Kathryn Staton said:

    I would first label my daughter, just in case she ever got lost. = ) Then I would label all of my gadgets. Next I would label all of my son’s things because he is going back to the Navy in a few days. Lastly I would label all of my husband’s tools and coffee cups which he misplaces all the time. Gosh, I didn’t realize how much I needed the LabelDaddy Labels! I think I need to have them expressed!

  13. Meg Griffin said:

    I would label my camera, iPod, cell phone and travel mug. All things that my sons seem to forget are not theirs!!

  14. Peggy Perkins said:

    My first label would go on the digital camera that I lend out to other teachers.

  15. Kristi Hingerty said:

    I would label things around my house “scavenger hunt” style, starting with my alarm clock. That way when it goes off in the morning, I see the first thing I have to do for the day, which would lead me to the next label of things to do and so on and so on. With a new baby in the house, I’m very forgetful and need the written reminders of the labels to keep the day running smoothly!

  16. Linda Michael said:

    My first label would be on my MacBook, although I’m not sure if anyone would return it if I lost it.

  17. Mauri Dufour said:

    I would put it on my classroom computers to have the websites that kids use everyday!

  18. Patti Duncan said:

    My FIRST label would go on my dog! He keeps running away and I am too lazy to activate his microchip! After that… I guess I would label my kids clothes before they go to camp… then I would label all of my gadgets “MOMMY’s DO NOT TOUCH!”

  19. Michele Futch said:

    My first label would go on my cell phone. I have the darnedest time trying to find that crazy thing. Somebody needs to invent a clapper for cell phones…LOL 🙂

  20. Kane Ayres said:

    I would have to label all of my pencils, pens, staplers, and hole punchers! The students seem to really like to borrow things and not return them!

  21. Bobbi Capwell said:

    I love these labels. my first label would go on my new flip camera. It disappears faster than sweet tea on a hot day down here.

  22. Mona Effler said:

    My first label would go on the stuff I am packing for a summer cruise. Is it too early to pack for June?

  23. Dawn DeWitt said:

    The first thing I would put a label on is my “MIND” since I seem to be losing it regularly. One thing is for sure, when I find “it”, it is always in the last place I look!

  24. Donna Nelsen said:

    I want my first labels to go on my flower pots. I want to put on the botanical name as well as the common name.

  25. Doug Knapp said:

    I would label my kids right on the forehead. My daughter’s label would read, “Be nice! I am your sister!” and my son’s would read, “Be nice! I am your brother!” Maybe this would stop the sibling rivalry. : )

  26. Michelle Olah said:

    My first label would be on my flash drive I keep losing. The second, on the flash drive I lost (and then found). The third, on the flash drive I found in the computer lab with no label on it. Etc…

  27. Conni Mulligan said:

    I would label all of my Arts and Craft bins for my puppetry stuff. It has taken over – I think they are alive!!!

  28. Louise McGinnis said:

    I ordered labels to help organize some of the reference books that I have on my shelf that others borrow. Now my name will be on them with the label. There are lot of things I could use them for. Thanks for showing us this site.

  29. Louise McGinnis said:

    Everyone has such great ideas for organizing with these super labels. They will help me organize my videos and all types of things in the class. I am thinking I need more of these lables.

  30. Lori Reed said:

    I’d label my 3 grandkids as my favorite, then start on the rest of my family:)

  31. Teryl Magee said:

    Agreeing with @Yurk! I’d label all my tech gear.

  32. Heather Jancoski said:

    I would label all the centers that I have in my classroom again because it seems that they always happen to get destroyed during the school year:) Thanks!

  33. Netia Elam said:

    My first label would go on my new Flip Camera. Everyone in my school already wants to borrow it, so I need a good way to make sure it gets back to me! Thanks!

  34. Kevin Johnson said:

    I would label all my children, I work with 800 of them and my memory just isnt what it used to be!

  35. Jolene Barron said:

    The first thing I would label would definitely be our school iPod. Teachers are often borrowing it for classroom use, and then conveniently forgetting to return it to me. After that I would label all of our tech equipment so everyone knows where it belongs!

  36. lori said:

    I’d label all the boxes of software and supplies in my closet that are sitting in see tubs. I have no idea what’s in the tubs until I open the tubs. 🙁 I need a label machine!

  37. Laura Cummings said:

    My first label would go on my camera case. I am constantly setting the case down while I use my camera. I then wander off to take pictures and sometimes find my case missing…The label would help whoever found it to be able to return it to me.

  38. Christine Archer said:

    My first label would read “Simplify” and I’d stick it right on my computer so I remember what is important in life. Actually, maybe I’ll put labels on all the computers in our school. I think everyone could use that reminder.

  39. Howard Martin said:

    I’d first have to label my label maker. Then visit one of my schools where they have lots of cameras that need to be labeled. I’d label my power adapters that are loosely identified to some specific tech tool. And lastly, I’d but an “Andy” label under my right boot. 😉

  40. Karen Bosch said:

    I would use the labels to organize the piles of stuff (useful stuff!) that currently are stuffed into the shelves and floor of my tech office!

  41. Brian Slope said:

    My First label will go on my cell phone so I always know which phone is mine at home.

  42. Erica Roberts said:

    I would label my coffee cup and my water bottle. I seem to leave them everywhere, and no one seems to know they belong to me!

  43. Shannon Wentworth said:

    My water bottle!!! Too many staff members at my school have the exact same water bottle, and most of us have lunch together.

  44. Ken Shelton said:

    I would borrow from Hall and place a label on my clean shaven head. The label would say this space available for advertising.

  45. Stacey Rust-Belforti said:

    The first thing I would label would be all my extra tech cords that are frequently borrowed … maybe then they’d be returned!

  46. Gina Loveless said:

    I’d have to label all my “techno gadgets” that people like to borrow. It would be a welcome reminder that they did need to return it. They sometimes forget and think I gifted it to them. ;~}

  47. Emma Haygood said:

    I would label my Elmo because everyone borrows it and claim they don’t know who to give it back to!

  48. Jana Baxter said:

    I would label my daughter’s coat so it no longer can get lost!

  49. Christina Troxell said:

    I would put a big tag & label my keys which reads “Hang on Key Hook IMMEDIATELY.” I am forever losing my keys in my house.

  50. Mary Pelton said:

    I would label each child’s nintendo in my house and end arguments!

  51. Heather said:

    I’d put it on my bottle of Paxil. MINE. I NEED IT. LOL.

  52. Trace (Ktitraci) said:

    My label would say “Believe”
    That is one of my all time fav words… it can take on sooooo many different meanings at during the different times of my life.

  53. Julia Davis said:

    I would label my ink pens so they will stop walking away from the Sign In sheets of my training sessions!

  54. Tammy Marmo said:

    My first label would proudly to affixed to my Classroom binder, that I tend to take (and leave) everywhere.

  55. RJ Stangherlin said:

    I would make a label for my husband Mickey that said “computer.” Periodically, he grabs a post-it note and writes “computer” and places it on his chest or forehead as one of his gentler reminders that I am not spending enough and/or quality time with him.

  56. Melinda Tilley said:

    Wow – where would I start? I would label: keys, cell phone, laptop, ipod, flashdrive, and socks to start off with! Don’t laugh – socks are tricky to match sometimes:)

  57. Bonnie Feather said:

    I’d surely put my first label on my steel water bottle. I keep leaving mine in meeting rooms and losing them! It would be nice if they could find their way home to me!

  58. Ty Yost said:

    I would put a label on all of the new netbooks we are piloting in the school, the label would announce: The future – here today at Mountain View School District.

  59. Kristi Altenburg said:

    My first label would be “Put your Name on your Papers” and stick those to each student desk as a reminder

  60. Marie Rush said:

    I would start by labeling the things in the fridge/freezer I am saving for something planned–like this, “Do NOT Eat.” Then I would label all the pool toys so that we get them back this summer! I would label my electronics–like this, “The device is scheduled to blow up if the proper password is not inserted every 20 minutes.” That should give folks a moment to think about taking it.

  61. Deb Thomson said:

    I would use my first labels on all the new Flip and still digital cameras we just got. I want them in the students’ hands, much to the surprise of my 1st grade teachers, but I do want them to find their way back to me.

  62. Betty Jo English said:

    My first label would go on my coffee cup that I keep leaving where ever I go.

  63. Chrstine Southard said:

    First thing I’d label is my own computer as Spam free! That way I could leave comments on the DEN blogs without a hitch 🙂

  64. Heather Hurley said:

    My first label would be I’d Rather Be Shopping!

  65. Mary Frazier said:

    I would label all of my mini-lab equipment: iPods, GPS’s, and Flip Video cameras!

  66. Kelli Erwin said:

    I would label my pens. My oldest son takes them every chance he gets and he says they write better than the cheap ones I buy him. Go figure.

  67. Jennifer Brinson said:

    The first place I would pub a label: on RJ’s keys! She is forever losing her keys and would be the first to say so. Now, if we could get a audible caller that could whistle to her when they are more than three feet away – that would be awesome! Love you RJ!

  68. Claudia Bedoya said:

    I would label my little speakers so that when people borrow them they are reminded of the “need to return” without me going all over the school looking for them.

  69. Jennifer Jensen said:

    I would label my scuba gear to keep it from getting mixed up with the gear of other divers.

  70. Roberta Thomas said:

    I would put my first label on my stapler, it has legs and walks out of my room.

  71. Susan Little said:

    I would put my iirst label on my DSI… so my children really realize who it belongs to! 🙂

  72. Karen Leahy said:

    I would label all of the kids shoes with an “L” and a “R”, what a time saver!

  73. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I would label Burned CDs and Dvds, flashdrives, gadgets in general

  74. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I’m ordering a set of labels for my daughter to label her food so her roommate will STOP eating it!

  75. Cheryl said:

    My label would say, “I AM NOT A COMPUTER TEACHER! I do not teach computers.”

  76. Erin Misegadis said:

    The first thing I’ll label is my label maker! Then maybe some co-workers and the good stuff in the refrigerator.

  77. Kristine Rebstock said:

    I’d label my new Blackberry because I have become addicted to it…and if it was ever lost or misplaced, I’d like it to be returned by some nice person who found it. 🙂

  78. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    I would label my luggage and “stuff” that I am taking to the Discovery National Institute in July!!!!!

  79. Alice Mercer said:

    I use labels on the back of business cards to share the blogs I want to feature, and contact info for some of the newer social networks I’m on.
    If I’m doing a presentation, I share the links for that presentation.

  80. Pam Shoemaker said:

    Those look very cool! I would label my laptop power cord first… it tends to walk off on occasion. Thanks!

  81. Darcie said:

    My first label would go on my brand new cell phone that I got two days ago!

  82. Tracy Selock said:

    I would label everything my 12 year old owns. Puberty has rotted his brain and he loses EVERYTHING!!!!

  83. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    I would probably make my first label that says, “I’m connected!” and then give them to my classroom. Most likely, (knowing them) they will place them on their foreheads. That would be ok because everyone who sees them would get the message!

  84. James Norwood said:

    I’d put my labels on my new drama textbooks!

  85. Meg Swecker said:

    I would label my district’s brand new set of GPS units. That kind of organization is bound to help me in tonight’s DEN Geocaching 101 web seminar!

  86. Robin Gardner said:

    I would label the jackets of every student at my school (with their names) – there are stacks and stacks of coats in the lost and found, and no one comes to get them. Isn’t that weird?

  87. Margie Rogers said:

    I’d put one on my stapler and tape dispenser so people would quit walking off with them from my computer lab. I’d also like to put one on my daughter–“Call your mom at least once a week–she worries!”

  88. Robin Talkowski said:

    I would label my student desks because each year I come back to school in September and half of them are missing.

  89. Leigh Feguer said:

    I would label all of the models and boxes in my classroom since I am moving to a modular in a couple of weeks… UGH…

  90. Alana Eaton-Jacobs said:

    I would label all of the stress balls on my desk that my kids always use.

  91. Melanie Corn said:

    I would label my classroom books. They seem to walk home with my students and not come back.

  92. Erin Misegadis said:

    One more drawing – cross your fingers!

  93. Corina Long said:

    I would use it to label our new MacBooks (and chargers) that teachers are getting in our district the last week of May.

  94. Darcy Goshorn said:

    I’d label my office mate’s (librarian’s) stapler so that I don’t walk away with it nearly so often.

  95. Carrie Schoenfelder said:

    I would label my flash drives and digital cameras. They tend to get “left behind” as I travel throughout the school building. No electronics left behind is my motto.

  96. Dawn DeWitt said:

    Oh yeah, I need to label all my undies and sundries that I will need in San Francisco for the the DEN National Institute! I am giddy with excitement!

  97. Carrie Edmison said:

    I think my first labels would go into my students’ goodie bags that I make at the beginning of the year. Each object in the bag represents something about our coming year together. I always put a sticker in the bag symbolizing the fact that we “stick to it,” and try our best. We never say, “I can’t” when faced with a challenge.
    I’d love to get the Label Daddy allergy labels to put in their goodie bags. They would say:
    “I’m in class 3E. I’m allergic to: ‘I can’t.'” They would love that!

  98. Carrie Edmison said:

    …Of course, my students would label themselves with the labels from their goodie bags as soon as they got their hands on them! ha

  99. Jessica Rose said:

    I need to label all my science and math bins. I am always forgetting where I put things!

  100. Jerry Green said:

    I need one on my cell phone – it is SO plain looking!

  101. Melissa Gosche said:

    My first label would be on our class turtle, Speedy-Despite the stereotype about turtles being slow, ours on the contrary is NOT…..he seems to get “lost” frequently!

  102. Cathy Masse said:

    I would put my first label on luggage used traveling to technology conferences.

  103. Cindy said:

    My first label will have my son’s name so he can mark is belongings when he goes to camp this summer. In fact I just ordered them. Thanks

  104. Robin said:

    Label my coffee cup so when I leave it in the office, faculty room, by the copier, etc. it can find it’s way back to me

  105. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks AWESOME – Den and Discovery made my day!

  106. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Thanks so much for making me a winner again. You are definitely the gift that keeps giving. Made my day–AGAIN!

  107. Mary Looney said:

    The first place one would be put is on my laptop. Thanks for making my profession more enjoyable!

  108. Wendy Harrington said:

    I would label my tablet stylus and all the tablet stylus’ I use with my 6th grade class, they are hot commodities in a tablet school!

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