Telling the DEN Story

In a departure from my normal postings, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone to speak about the impact of the Discovery Educator Network from a different slant. The poll that asked to help tell DENs story started my thinking about just how much DEN does for us, and how that doing translates to students and classrooms. The faces you see in this photo best represent how important DEN is in our lives. Without you, these students would have learned differently because I would teach differently. Yesterday afternoon, we learned that Melinda Lehman, a senior, and Olga Karounos, Brandon Aversano, and Fatema Rajmohamed, juniors, were included in the top ten for the Junior 8 Summit. We did not win the Summit seat and a trip to Sardinia to represent our country in the J8. But we did place in the top ten teams in the nation, and for a small school, this placement represents a tremendous honor. And that honor comes back to you, to the DEN STARS from whom I have learned, from Discovery Education Administrative Leadership, from whom I have been given countless opportunities for professional development, from Discovery webinars, special events, firsts that Discovery Education and Communications bring to us daily, and from last year’s DEN LC Summer Institute. It was at this week-long event that the seeds of success were sown. Because of you, I learned about back channels, new Web 2.o tools, news ways to make teaching not technology the vehicle for 21st century learning. Bringing that knowledge back to the classroom is my job, and you have all made it so much easier for me, for all of us. So, yes I am so proud of this team, to be one of the ten best teams in the United States, well, it’s almost overwhelming. But it would not have happened without you. Our students are my answer to you poll; you helped make this happen for them and I cannot thank you enough for this honor we share with you.

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