One More Time…We Appreciate You!

It has been a pleasure and honor to work with our Discovery Educators for the past four years and we look forward to many more years of collaboration with our community.  For our Friday celebration we want to emphasize once again that everyone at Discovery values and appreciates the work you do each and every day.  So, today we will give away some cool Discovery prizes.

yellow bagPost a comment to this blog post telling us what you would like to see the DEN offer, expand upon or change for next school year.  Every hour on the hour (from 12 PM EDT to 5 PM EDT) we will give away a Planet Earth Interactive DVD game and a Discovery Picnic tote.

mythbustersAt 6 PM EDT we will select one lucky STAR Discovery Educator to win a cardboard cutout of the Mythbusters that will most assuredly be proudly displayed in that STAR’s classroom (or newly remodeled basement).

The winner of the Mythbusters’ cutout will be announced in the DEN Weekly Update.  If you don’t get the weekly update via email no worries.  It is also posted on the blog as well.

Thank you once again for everything you do for your students and each other.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

List of winners

12 PM
Nancy Sharoff (picnic tote)
Dani Hall (DVD game)

1 PM
Mona Effler (picnic tote)
Jana Baxter (DVD game)

2 PM
Karen Bosch (picnic tote)
Netia Elam (DVD game)

3 PM
Eileen Malick (picnic tote)
Martha Thornburgh (DVD game)

4 PM
Laura Cummings (picnic tote)
Jennifer Kraft (DVD game)

5 PM
Mary Del Bianco (picnic tote)
Fara Faust (DVD game)


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  1. Valaina Maher said:

    I’d like to see the National Institute offered in the MidWest, East Coast but not Silver Spring, or another cruise or rather excursion. Keep up the webinars. I like learning from the other Stars at the monthly webinars. Keep up the fantastic offerings in SecondLife. The DEN rocks!

  2. John Phillips said:

    I would like to see the National Institute in Michigan… I would also LOVE to sit in on a webinar with the Mythbusters, or the captains from Deadliest Catch. I know that my students would appreciate the opportunity to interact with Discovery stars. You guys rock!

  3. Mary Banfield said:

    I would love to be able to continue to access all of the DE sites for ever. I love DE and more than me so do my students. Thanks for being a friendly and supportive site. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carolyn Rains said:

    The DEN is AMAZING!!! I would love to see you guys create a program similar to Accelerated Reading with Renaissance Learning, but Discovery-based!!!
    More in-person events would be awesome!!!! Discovery ROCKS!!!

  5. stacy kasse said:

    I LOVE the DEN (as I have so often stated) and would love to see a DAY of DISCOVERY hosted in the south Jersey/Delaware area. Spreading the word of DEN (because after all, sharing is caring) is important so that many others can benefit from the knowledge and friendships that I have made over the last year. Getting to meet the PEOPLE of DEN is something that many should be able to experience.

    The one other thing I would love to see is Lance, Matt, Scott, and others come INTO the classroom to work with grade level students. If each took a grade level to focus on and had a lesson to teach each one, the collaboration of that lesson around the country would be an amazing thing to watch.

    Again, thanks so much for all YOU do for us.


  6. Tracie Belt said:

    I would love to see some tutorials on ways to use Discovery Science connection virtual labs in the classroom. I could use them in my trainings. I would also like to see more interactives to do with my students. My kids loved the Mr. Wizard view. What do I want to see continued? The webinars and the virtual conferences and the days of Discovery at conferences. These have all helped me stay up with technology and make great teacher connections. DEN Rocks

  7. Christine Archer said:

    As you bring STAR teachers on board, I would recommend that you provide a helpful handout or video of all that is available to them. I just became a STAR DE this year and I’m still a little lost at times. Just my .02 cents.

  8. Patti Duncan said:

    I would like to see more opportunities to hear from other STARS about their integration ideas. I LOVE Media Share, but there is nothing like hearing/seeing someone explain their idea and how they use it. Perhaps we can have our LC’s organize more local events where STARS get together informally and share… maybe at different schools, every other month to share and network… KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK… YOU ARE THE BEST!

  9. Nancy Sharoff said:

    I love, love, LOVE the Webinars hosted by DEN. I would love to see more of our members hosting webinars to share the amazing things they are doing — remember our motto, ‘We are out own best resource’!!!

  10. Heather Sullivan (heasulli) said:

    I would LOVE for the DEN to collaborate on GLOBAL connections. As we grow accross the country, we are now strong enought to really make substanitive connections with classrooms in other countries. Since many DEN members are already doing this, it would be great to tap into their experience & perhaps launch some sort of DEN-wide, unified GLOBAL project….

    Love you all- thanks for being my educational rock 🙂

  11. Meg Griffin said:

    The DEN is so amazing that it is really difficult to come up with something more. I agree with Patti that I would love more f2f interaction within and among STARS. Another thing I have enjoyed is the school day webinars with Mr. Wizard, astronauts, etc. I would love to see more of those. That said, Discovery is awesome and the DEN is THE place for ALL educators. Thanks for everything!

  12. Christine Scoby said:

    I would like to have more information about how you can use the resources found in Discovery Education with handhelds (like iPod touch) in the classroom.

  13. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    I would love to see professional development for schools. It would be awesome to see some of the presenters at conferences come to actual schools. I can show my teachers all about Discovery, but something about the enthusiastic presenters (Matt, Steve, Hall) might motivate the older teachers in the school to use the plethora of activities and knowledge that Discovery has. I love the webinars and virtual conferences. When you can get that many teachers together in one virtual place, it is hard NOT to come away enthusiastic about all you learn. Thanks Discovery for being an awesome part of my curriculum!!!

  14. Erin Misegadis said:

    Okay, so first the DEN is awesome and I love it! There have been a few suggestions I’ve heard this year so here they are:

    1. More art resources, especially 20th century art.

    2. Make it so that CC videos can be downloaded in one step – that way they’re already in one folder together. (Maybe just a zip file?)

    3. Keep up the webinars! They’re very helpful and informative.

    Thanks to all – we appreciate you too!

  15. Dawn DeWitt said:

    DE provides digital curriculum and media in every discipline with an emphasis on networking and sharing of resources. What more could I ask? I would like to be able to bring webinars to my students with a tailored time-frame and content. This would allow collaboration with scientists and mentors across the country or around world. DISCOVERY EDUCATION is a CLASS ACT; when I grow up I would like to work for DE!

  16. Brian Slope said:

    I would really like to see Discovery Education Science expanded to the high school level. Also the DEN live events are out of this world, so more of them! Thank you for helping to make a difficult job a little easier.

  17. Netia Elam said:

    I really enjoy the webinars, but often, I am pulled away from my desk when I am trying to view them. I know you have some of the webinars archived on the DEN site, but I’d like to see more of them archived so we can watch them when it’s convenient! Thank you!!!

  18. sean williams said:

    I am lovin’ the DEN and being a part of everything here…I would like to see more local events to get some f2f with local DEN STARs.

  19. Diana Kenney said:

    Keep the webinars coming…love to have more interactive webinars during school time for students particpation.
    Personally, I want to develop a stronger DEN presence in Nor Cal…the SoCAL group seems to have so much fun..
    Can’t say it enough…the DEN is my one stop shop for A+ PD.

  20. Lori Feldman said:

    What would I like from DEN? Hmmm, I would like to have guidance to start a LC here in Nebraska. We currently have 2 members (myself included) and have recruited a few more. I would like the opportunity to network with other educators who use Discover products.

  21. Wm Chamberlain said:

    I would love to have a National Institute in the Midwest. It is very hard to get to the coasts when you live in Missouri.

  22. Deborah Thonus said:

    I love the DEN! Your resources are growing by the minute. Thank you so much!
    Three items to consider:
    1. I would love to see more song resources posted on Discovery Streaming for middle elementary science, math, and social studies.
    2. I would like to see more “in person” events and workshops in the Boston area. There’s nothing like face to face interaction.
    3. I would also love to have access to Bill Nye, The Science Guy(from his old show) and more video clips added to the Interactive Atlas feature.
    4. Maybe there could be some STAR events in SL for networking.
    Thanks again for providing a resource which has become so essential in my classroom.

  23. Christina Troxell said:

    Please continue the Days of Discovery in the southeastern Virginia area. I love that they are so informative and hands-on! Also, please continue to offer webinars, and have archived editions available online. Thank you for all you do!

  24. Karen Leahy said:

    tons and tons of virtual field trips

  25. Lori Abrahams said:

    The DEN is awesome and creative. I know you will continue to think of fabulous activities and resources.

    I would love to have more Days of Discovery in IL – like the Sat after ICE!! More webinars on contemporary literacy, planned collaborative projects, virtual field trips would be awesome too or assembly experiences where you come to schools.

  26. Lee Kolbert said:

    Two things: I’d like to see the DEN bring in some of the Discovery talent to some of the Day’s of Discoveries or the Institutes. For example; Mike Rowe, Philip Cousteau, Jeff Corwin, Danny Forster would all be awesome to learn from and to allow us to engage in some great conversation regarding their stories. Additionally, I’d love to visit a real production studio. Since DE is all about digital media, it would be awesome to get a first-hand look at a real production.

  27. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    What would I like to see the from the DEN? Wow, the DEN is such a fabulous community already, but I would love to see more student centered webinars. My kids LOVE them and they are often spring boards to more creativity in the classroom! Thanks for all you do for US!

  28. Darcie said:

    I love the new knowledge I receive with the Virtual Conferences and the webinars, but I would also like to see more face-to-face time with other STAR DEN members. This maybe something that needs to be integrated at the state levels. I would also like to see more training on how to use Second Life for PDS. Thanks!

  29. Robin Martin said:

    How about an Adam and Jamie show at one the Discovery summit in DC? or at a regional event because many schools are cutting out $$$$ for national conferences.Would love to hear about their process of selecting which myth to bust etc.

  30. Mona Effler said:

    I would love to be able to attend more webinars and conferences, but not during school hours.

  31. Heather Jancoski said:

    I would love to continue to see fantastic webinars that are about Web 2.0 tools that are free.

  32. John Sowash said:

    I find United Streaming to be a wonderful resource however the video quality is poor. When projected in my classroom the resolution is so poor that my students can’t read text.

  33. Michele Futch said:

    I would love to see a regional Institute come back, like the one in Atlanta that I attended. That was an awesome hands-on, engaging and collaborative experience. I have never been to any other workshop/Institute that was even anything remotely as great as that one was.

    It was an excellent opportunity and able to draw educators from several surrounding states. Maybe the National Institute is this way; but, sometimes it is very costly to get there. I work in a small district where I would have to pay for something like this, out of my own pocket. I can afford to drive somewhere that is several hours away and would!

  34. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Woohoo! Thank you for all that you do for teachers! I would love to see more webinars for the students. The children love the live interaction!

  35. Fred Delventhal said:

    I think DE Science is one of or two of the best products. As as schools move forward toward eliminating old paper and glue textbooks, I think Discovery Education has the already designed the electronic textbook with the DE Science products.

    I want to see how they approach the subjects of Math, Language Arts and Social Studies with the same great design of the e-textbook model.

  36. Mary Del Bianco said:

    I’d like to see Discovery get the students connected to the experts via webinars, SL, video chats, you know the tools – let’s get the brian power connected! Go DISCOVERY – Who knows where we’ll go together!

  37. Tracy Selock said:

    The DEN is awesome. I would like to see more student based activities like the ones we did a few years ago w/Janita and Google Earth.

  38. Heather Hurley said:

    The DEN is great and it is hard to come up with more. I think I would like to see some smaller informal type workshops more often. Something like the Days of Discovery. It would be neat to have a “traveling roadshow” of sorts. Having an institute elsewhere on the east coast would also be nice. I like the idea of webinars for students that could be shown during the day. I would also like to have more presentations/webinars by DEN Stars. This is something that the SL DEN has done very well. Thanks for all you do for us!

  39. Jana Baxter said:

    The DEN is awesome! I would love to see the DEN continue what is has been doing. Your willingness to help at a moment’s notice is a lifesaver! I would be totally lost without Matt Monjan! I cannot wait for the new student center!

  40. Karen Bosch said:

    I love all the resources and support that the DEN offers. My understanding is that we don’t have copyright permission to post projects done with the video clips. My students have done some awesome stuff remixing history video clips into eyewitness accounts and I wish I could post them online!

  41. Jennifer Jensen said:

    I would love see some of the webinars offered where teachers and students can interact with the presenter. Some of my favorites from the past: Penny Allen (Planet Earth), Adora Svitak (Flying Fingers) and the Exec. Producer of Meerkat Manor.

  42. Tanya Gray said:

    Because the DEN is my main educator network, I would love for that network to become broader, including international educators. I would love to work collaboratively on projects, through the DEN, with teachers and students from other countries, connecting our students globally.

  43. Nancy Keck said:

    The Den “Rocks”

    I would love to see another cruise offered for the National institute. Keep up the good work on the webinars. I would love to have “Mr Wizard” and the NASA astronauts back for a classroom webinar.


  44. dahall said:

    The DEN ROCKS!! I love all the sharing and networking that happens.
    I would like to see more streaming for art and music if possible.
    Also, if the fantastic webinars could continue to offer the great stuff that is already offered, but add more from what other STARS are doing. I think sharing the lessons is great but seeing how they work and being able to interact with teachers would be so beneficial. That is one of the best part of the institutes.
    THANKS for all you do for us!

  45. Eileen Malick said:

    Since Engineering and Computer Science is considered multi-disciplinary and are parts of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math), I would like to see dedicated areas to both so finding educational resources would be easier. Within Engineering in particular there are multiple disciplines that embrace ALL areas of Science.

  46. mawrogers said:

    I would love for DEN NI to be held centrally–say Colorado, or somewhere scenic?–and think a DEN road/sea trip would be a great idea. I could cruise, and a little sea and sun between playing with my techie friends would be AWESOME! To the guy who suggested Michigan, as an Ohio State grad, I have to nix that idea. We need to meet on neutral ground!

    From stormy Missouri (lost 3 schools today so far from tornadoes)

  47. Cheryl said:

    Oh gosh, this is tough…you all already do more than many other site, (who shall remain nameless). I like feeling that I have ownership with Discovery, that I’m a part of the team and the only thing is costs me is a little bit of time and a whole lot of fun discovering cool stuff! Someone said it earlier, but having the code for more resources for a short time would be a great thing all the time. It also would be fun to be in a webinar with some of the folks that come into my rec room just about each night – or live and fleshy in a conference (I vote for DC as well!). Okay, not that you all aren’t stars in my book – but you know, I’d be lying if I didn’t want to see Mike Rowe tell us of some of his worst jobs, or Ben Bailey share his cab antics! Wouldn’t it be cool to win a cab simulation program for your school?
    Could someone work on that and cut me in for about 10% of the profits!

  48. Jill Mendel said:

    I would like to have use of Discovery science year round not just for 90 days. I sad to say most of those 90 days will be during the summer months when students are not in school. I am going to have pack in some good science for the next month. 🙂

  49. Jennifer Brinson said:

    I would love to see the LCs opened up to more people (esp. PA). I would love to see more music resources. I would love to see the Institute offered in late July or August rather than so close to the end of the school year. Ultimately — I love everything that DEN does — I just want to do more!

  50. Caren Appel said:

    I LOVE DEN! I would like to see more summer opportunities besides the National Institute. It’s hard to get to events (even the virtual ones) during the school year. You guys do a GREAT job!!!!!

  51. Lance said:

    @Jennifer: The LCs are open to any STAR currently. The LC election process ends next Friday, May 15.

  52. Deb Thomson said:

    I get very excited anytime that there is a DEN sponsored event. We were fortunate in the Chicago area to have a full day event in August and a two day event in the fall. I would love to see even more in the future. I would also like to see STARS have access to all levels of Discovery like Plus, Science, Health etc. Maybe we could earn them by doing more events than the minimum required to keep our STAR status.

  53. Cathy Masse said:

    The Den is wonderful! Teachers need support in the classroom and this site makes that easy to find. I love the SL sessions, and hate to miss one. I would like to see our state jump on board with Discovery. I have been working on this for a while. I am hoping some of the stimulus money might make this come true. I believe if we could get this out to teachers with some training it would really catch on. Hopefully you can come to the Maine Support Networks Winter Retreat at Point Lookout! January’s theme: Finding Your Path Through The Educational Forest;
    Igniting A Passion To Learn check our site for updates.

  54. Ken Shelton said:

    As much as I already like everything the DEN is doing I would love to see the following implemented within the next year or two:

    1. More remote i.e. distance/e-learn opportunities for professional development. The virtual conference is fantastic and that could be the basis for more PD opportunities.

    2. More opportunities for collaboration amongst the STARS for the benefit of our students. For example this month Andy Losik and I are going to skype call each other and I will work with his students and mine on using Google Sketchup. I would like to do this type of co-teaching with other STAR educators.

    3. Increase our international reach by either working with international school organizations or specific schools around the world. This could focus on geographical, cultural, and historical collaboration.

    Thank you very much for all that everybody does and the DEN is truly a gift to every educator involved.

  55. Deborah Wrobel said:

    I’d love to have some webinars hosted by not only our fearless leaders, but STARS that are using Discovery Ed./Discovery Atlas/Discovery Health in a variety of ways. E.G. Traci Blazoski had some great integration ideas. Just short 20 minute ideas to really spark some great ideas.
    The current webinars are great, however!!!!

  56. Nancy Barley said:

    Keep providing the bookmarks. Very useful to keep current on the latest technology trends.

  57. Jeanne Rogers said:

    I love the DEN and the info that is shared with members. I really liked the Virtual FETC conference and being able to participate in that was fantastic. In Second Life, I tried to attend a session (Room 201), but it had already started and my avatar felt awkward, so I listened while in the hallway! Will need to look for tutorials and quick tips. I like the revisions you’ve done to the web site and I appreciate the response you give to individual questions or concerns. Keep up the great work!

  58. Erica Roberts said:

    I would love to see the DEN expand the webinars offered. I have been a participant in a couple, but usually there is a schedule conflict. Is there a way to archive them so we can view them later on?

  59. Pam Shoemaker said:

    I would like to see more webinars given by teachers about projects they are doing in their classrooms (like what was done in the virtual conference).

    Perhaps we could encourage the sharing of more project-based-learning lessons with examples – highlight on state blogs and in the resource sharing area.

  60. Lori Reed said:

    I love the DEN and enjoy being a part of it. Discovery Education is a great resource for teachers. If there was a better way to spread the DEN to teachers in under-served areas of the states, that is what change I’d like to see happen.

  61. Betty Jo English said:

    The DEN is great. And with budget cuts all around in education this year, it would be great to have more days of webinars or virtual conferences. Now that is not to say that I wouldn’t really love to have some more cruises available too.

    Betty Jo English

  62. Fara Faust said:

    Please continue to offer the webnairs. They are great. I too hope that you keep the Day of Discovery coming at least once a year. They are great and I have learned so much at everyone that I’ve attended. I intend to get more of my teachers involved with the next Day of Discovery.

  63. Gena Price said:

    Keep up the good work with the fantastic Webinars and the wonderful Day of Discovery! We love the DEN!!!! As much as my teachers use the resources I’d just like to know how I could impress upon them how great it is to be a member of the DEN.

  64. Jennifer Kraft said:

    More opportunities to meet with each other outside of conferences. I love everything that the DEN has done and can’t wait to see what is coming next!

  65. Ann Oro said:

    I am SO happy to have become part of the DEN this year!

    I found one nice resource on Internet safety on Discovery streaming. I’d love to see more quality digital citizenship topics like copyright, creative commons, and other digital ethics topics through webinars and streaming.

    I’m looking forward to another year with Discovery Education!

  66. Linda Michael said:

    I love the DEN webinars and would like to see them continue. I would also like more Virtual Conferences. The DEN is great!

  67. Kathryn Staton said:

    I would like to thank everyone at DEN. You are our teachers and we appreciate you!
    Some possible suggestions, since you asked,
    1. Invite some personalities from Discovery shows to appear and speak at our summer conferences.
    2. Update some of the material to reflect new website.
    3. Create (if not done already) a handout or PowerPoint we could use as a reference on how to get teachers to join the DEN if they already have a Discovery-streaming account.
    4. Keep smiling and keep up the great work, you all do make a difference.

  68. Rae Ann Vandrovec said:

    I loved the all-day webinars with the archived copies available for us to review. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make our jobs easier!

  69. Daniel Moix said:

    Such an excellent resource! I would like to see a way to link DEN STARS with other DEN members who are considering becoming STARS in a sponsor type relationship. So many resources are available through the network that at times you need a guide.

  70. Phil Burrell said:

    I would like to see the DEN webinars be offered more frequently so more teachers would have opportunities to attend. Some teachers because busy schedules (coaching, extracurricular activities, etc.) can not always attend sessions. In the webinars, I would also like to hear more from STAR educators on how they use DE resources to encourage higher level thinking skills in their lessons. Thanks so much for the great sessions!

  71. Randall Palmer said:

    I would like to see more physical presence at local conferences as well as more online events like this teacher appreciation week.

  72. RJ Stangherlin said:

    telling us what you would like to see the DEN offer, expand upon or change for next school year. Every hour on the hour (from 12 P

    Offer students a chance to shine as new STARS by invitation from an existing STAR. There could be a set of criteria for their entrance, and perhaps an age level or set of levels w/admission standards, but let them in. We are accustomed to collaborating and networking with our peers, but DE could create another first by admitting students. Or, create events where you can “Bring a student to an event” (wouldn’t geocaching be great ice-breaker). My students have been attending webinars with STARS for years, and they have eluded your notice as students; you think they’re STARS, so why not let them become more visible–they’re the future. Special webinars for start-of-school year with (don’t kill me Steve) Dembo doing his “new digital footprint.” Put it out in advance with school sign up, and then let it be interactive with Q/A from students. Lots of things to bring the younger audience in, and why not let them teach through a webinar–submit a proposal with their STAR teacher/IT. Offer a way @heathersullivan to make global connections possible with a “how to” and more of the Vicki Davis / Tapscott offerings, where students are active constructionist collaborators.

    Expand opportunities for PD face-to-face; perhaps more Days of Discovery in accessible locations for regions. More virtual SL PD. Actively expand DEN globally. Expand image and @Brinson audio files on Discoverystreaming.

    Change, if possible, our format for communicating. I would love to see the presenter as well as the resources.

    A wish: that the DEN STARS who are traveling with students, if/when/where possible, stay connected to us, so we can share your experiences. We are all so excited for our team leaders, so stay in touch if you can, so we can follow your travels, maybe track them in GE, make Discoverystreaming videos. And @everyone who already said it, a huge thank you for what you already have done. Huge virtual smile here!

  73. Katie Knapp said:

    First of all, I Love the DEN!
    I would like to see more songs on DEstreaming. The kids really like the songs I have shared with them, but they are quite limited. Another thought is to offer more elementary-aged webinars. It would also be cool to have some Discovery channel personalities involved in the DEN events. Thanks for all you do!

  74. Rachel Yurk said:

    Wow, what a great week of fun, as usual.
    I would love to see the DEN expand the DEN Site to include a micro-blogging tool for the DEN educators to use and share.
    I also think a DEN give-away that would bring you all into our classroom to do what you do best – inspire!

  75. Laura Cummings said:

    DEN is already fantastic! Being a member has enhanced my professional growth beyond measure. Thanks Discovery!

    One improvement I would like to see is the “cleaning up” of the Educator Resources on the DEN site. There are some “test” projects and other incomplete items that get in the way of finding the quality resources.

  76. Kristine Rebstock said:

    I would love to see the Discovery Education trainers plan campus trainings with the DEN Stars at their campuses. I know there are too many of us to have a training at every campus, but there could be a competition or drawing of some sort that would determine which campuses (evenly distributed among the states) would get a campus training! A “Prize Patrols” of sorts.

  77. Doug Knapp said:

    I think it would be great to have the Discovery channel on-air folks at the DEN events. It would be interesting to hear from them more. Thanks for a great week!

  78. Kevin Willson said:

    Continue to build the Educator Resources on the DEN site. Nothing beats a lesson that has been tried and tested by other educators. In addition, as budgets become tighter and tighter, the virtual conferences become more and more important. These are great days to get some new ideas on how technology/discoveryeducation can be used in the classroom.

  79. Anne Truger said:

    The DEN is my most valuable resource for growth, reflection and learning. I would love to see a National Institute held in the Midwest! Or some other great opportunity. The big things all see to take place on the East or the West coast.

    Thanks DEN for always thinking of us, supporting us and appreciating us. You really do keep us connected to our best resources!


  80. Cindy said:

    I would like to see more about special education

  81. Nancy Sharoff said:

    OMG! I WON!!! I WON!!! WOOHOO! And how did I find this out? Via Twitter of course! LOL Going out now to purchase some drinks, cheese and crackers to go into my DEN picnic tote.


  82. Mark J Perlman said:

    You mean there can be MORE? Let’s take a giant step backward and look at the newbies: are all the intro docs (one page how-to’s) as succinct as they could be. Our time as trainers is not growing, but our audiences are. I just want to be sure we have simple documents for newbies to have some success before we can get around to them.

    I love all the activities – many of them are focused on us, however.

    Think about it.

  83. Vicki Reed said:

    I love everything the DEN offers. I’d like to see more local face to face events. Keep up the good work!

  84. Deborah Wrobel said:

    Would we possibly be able to have webinars start later? West coast times are tough to do before 5. Our school ends at 3:30 and meetings can last until 4:30.
    Or, could you archive the webinars?????

  85. Tracey McGrath said:

    I would love to see actual best practices videos similar to Promethean: Teacher Feature Videos(downloadable through iTunes). Showing students and teachers creatively engaged in using Discovery tools and features.

  86. jen said:

    I am a new user and love everything thing I see so far. The videos are wonderful! Thanks!

  87. Jerry Swiatek said:

    I’m a big fan of the DEN. It is disappointing that my school has to subscribe to Discovery Streaming to be eligible to join the DEN. I would love to see a way to join the DEN without a subscription to Discovery Streaming or perhaps a less expensive option for DS.

  88. Susan Little said:

    The DEN is outstanding. I love the collaboration. I would like to see more events so that we are able to collaborate regularly and share ideas.

  89. Allison Bakken said:

    I would love to see regional workshops based on new content. I would also love for the streaming videos to have a rating system that DEN members can comment on so that I can narrow down video choices. Thanks for everything!

  90. James Gill said:

    I am new to DEN but I am really enjoying stumbling around and finding all sorts of great resources. One thing I would like to see on DEN is student created content featured once a month. This could be in the form of video, animation, or writing. Thanks for putting all this great content in easy reach of educators!

  91. Selena Ward said:

    I would love to see my DEN Star friends more often f2f.

  92. Katie Warren said:

    OMG-oodness! I have trouble of thinking about something new when there is so much already! Yes, it would be great to have the MythB’s at a national event we could all attend but I absolutely love the amazing network of educators I have met and collaborated with whether it is in a webinar, f2f, in SL, Twitter, and the incredible DEN events. I can’t imagine that the original DEN concept ever foresaw anything as fabulous as what it has become!

  93. Jeremy Davis said:

    I would like to see some DEN collaboration meet-ups. Rather than do learning sessions for newbies, have DEN folks do collaborative sessions to post to Mediashare or to the DEN archives. 10 people at a house for 5 hours could crank out great stuff, or 100 people split into 20 classrooms at a school on a Saturday could create incredible material as well. Have someone from Discovery Videoblog an event for pointers for other DENs, and the media, lessons and materials available to the DEN could multiply quickly.

  94. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Yeah! I finally have a prep pacific time before the 6pm EDT deadline…:)

    It am so grateful for all of the professional development that the DEN provides. I would like to see a DEN starter guide to the DEN and it’s services for the Newbie to the DEN or “Technophobic” teacher..You know we all have them. It would make it easier for them to transition into the others areas of the DEN and more likely to become STARS & stay active participants. I find many teachers w/o the background in technology, there is too much information, and they get overwhelmed. Getting them past the basics of the technology so they can get the wonderful information!! 🙂
    I would love to see Discovery Math sometime down the line.

  95. Martha Thornburgh said:

    I would love to have more local events in the Northwest. I know that means we need more STARS but I am working on that. Helped someone become a STAR on Wednesday! Congrats Lisa Monson!!!

  96. Jeremy Davis said:

    After re-reading my post above, I want to be sure no one thinks I am bashing newbies. I would like to see the collaboration meetings as just another type of PD, along with multiple opportunities for the newest DEN members. Sorry if that didn’t sound right.

  97. Mary Frazier said:

    I think offering another cruise would be fantastic. Those stars who attended made such close connections!
    I’d also like CC for the Mac a much simpler process.
    I LOVE the DEN!!!!

  98. Melinda Tilley said:

    I would like to have more collaboration events between states LC – I enjoy reading what is going on in each state and would be fun to do some more events.

    DE is so good to all of us – thanks to you and all you do!!

  99. Dennis Grice said:

    Hey guys, how about taking some of those fantastic archived webinars and posting them in the DEN Resources on MediaShare? How cool would it be to some of those great Lance Rougeux or Hall Davidson sessions available “On-Demand”?

  100. Bobbi Gurney said:

    I would love more events in the Northwest and collaboration with our friends in Washington. They are doing some amazing things w/ their new state goals. Building up our LC will be a great thing..Martha, I’m w/ you! GO NW DEN!

  101. Susan Tompkins said:

    I agree with others that I would love the previews and access to new tools. Thanks for opening up the extra stuff for us in the past. We appreciate YOU!

  102. Shannon Mulqueen said:

    I too am really enjoying the local events but I would like to see more planned. I would be nice to get other school districts that use the DE together in the same area for a time of in person sharing of what is being done in the schools and what limitations they are facing. How can we help support or pay for different services available to use in one area.

  103. Chelsea Forbus said:

    I’d love to see more local DEN events here in southern Virginia. 🙂 Just opportunities to network and get social in-person! Maybe there’s a need for a Social Coordinator position?? 🙂

    — Chelsea 🙂

  104. Claudia Bedoya said:

    I love all the virtual events but the face to face are even better. All the presentations and pointers from other STAR’s are awesome. I would love to be able to continue to be able to access all of the DE sites for ever. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!!! You are great!!!!

  105. Marie Coleman said:

    DEN is so special already, but I would love to see post-discussion 1/2 hours on the guest webinars – seems we always have so much to say in the chat window and I never get to fully process! I would also love to see more active engagement in the state or region via blogs and f2f events – even if it is just the opportunity to make more personal connections with a few more folks! And I would love to see more variety/quality video in discoverystreaming – any chance of creating a Science one for high school level?

    But Discovery and DEN are awesome – so glad to be a part of this network! Thanks all!

  106. Robin Talkowski said:

    I have learned SO much through the Discovery staff and DEN. I love that the Discovery staff are ALWAYS so pleasant and helpful. If I could add anything it would be possibility of getting PD from the webinars. Money is getting so tight in districts that saying Discovery is a site for documented PD can open up another pool of money to continue our subscriptions. I also liked someone’s idea about earning “points” that could be applied to some of the other Discovery packages by holding events and inviting other districts. Can you tell budget is on my mind?

    Thanks for supportive and fun learning!

  107. Donna said:

    I love all the virtual training opportunities. My school doesn’t provide money for out of town workshops or training, so it is great to be able to attend events over the web.

  108. Erich Landstrom said:

    I hope this doesn’t sound self-serving, but if there was a letter on DEN stationary that in an offical capacity could be included as a part of my annual evaluation, well, that would mean a lot to the administration.

  109. Tim Childers said:

    I would love to see the DEN offer more streaming of live events where people like Steve, Matt, Brad, Hall, Jennifer, and others are presenting. Do a high quality stream to ustream or mogulus, not just PPT webinars. The teachers at my school would love that.

  110. Elaine Plybon said:

    I want DE to start an online school and guess what? you already have a bunch of highly qualified online instructors available in this great pool of STAR educators!

    Also, more local events with Discovery folks.

  111. Deborah Thonus said:

    I love the DEN! Your resources are growing by the minute. Thank you so much!
    Three items to consider:
    1. I would love to see more song resources posted on Discovery Streaming for middle elementary science, math, and social studies.
    2. I would like to see more “in person” events and workshops in the Boston area. There’s nothing like face to face interaction.
    3. I would also love to have access to Bill Nye, The Science Guy(from his old show) and more video clips added to the Interactive Atlas feature.
    4. Maybe there could be some STAR events in SL for networking.
    Thanks again for providing a resource which has become so essential in my classroom.

  112. Linda said:

    I would love continued access to the DE products that my school/district does not have. They add so much to my instruction and the kids learn from them.

    I would also love to see more of the great DEN activites and get togethers happen on the west coast (moving up and down it so more can be a part over time).

    Thanks for all you do for us! It is a great group to be a part of.

  113. Susan Plack said:

    I would enjoy having some of the DEN events in San Diego so that we can attend down here. The trip to LA is hard to make.

    I would also like to see CC for the Mac.

    Thanks for all you do!

  114. harry reid election results said:

    I have learned SO much through the Discovery staff and DEN. I love that the Discovery staff are ALWAYS so pleasant and helpful. If I could add anything it would be possibility of getting PD from the webinars. Money is getting so tight in districts that saying Discovery is a site for documented PD can open up another pool of money to continue our subscriptions. I also liked someone’s idea about earning “points” that could be applied to some of the other Discovery packages by holding events and inviting other districts. Can you tell budget is on my mind?

    Thanks for supportive and fun learning!

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