Teacher Appreciation Week: Font Thyself

hallfontbetter.jpgTeacher appreciation week is about to end, but I have a final offer. While at the great NETA conference in Nebraska, I discovered a great class of students who, with their teachers, have set up a real-world business. They bid and won the contract for the street signs in their town.  But the most fun part of their company is their labeling of laptop lids.  I saw someone speaking at the NETA podium and it was as if they were on CNN–their name floated underneath their face (see example of me below from the Seattle Airport Convention Center). In the TV production booth, the director’s command to the TD (technical director) is “Font them!” when it’s time to show that label underneath the image on the screen.  The clever kids at Arnold Public Schools figured outfont2.jpg a way to do this live–just label the top of the laptop.  See the picture at right to see how that looks.  In a big room where they use cameras on the screen, it’s a great idea.  In a classroom, it could an effective on a teacher desk to remind kids of a motto (“Never Give Up”, “Always Strive”, kidfont1.jpg“Bears Rule”, etc.).  So here’s the deal as a weekend extension of Teacher Appreciation Week.  If you have a name, slogan, writing prompt or ID you’d like on your laptop lid, leave a comment with the text and the size of the label you’d like, and The Media Matters Blogsite team will get it to you free as an appreciation of your great work (mailing address, too).   Famous Teryl Magee got the first offer, but there are plenty left. You must be a member of the DEN, naturally.  If you’re not, or you miss the deadline, their website is here.  And, yes, they take purchase orders. They’ll bid on your street signs, too. kidcompany.jpgThere’s a vodcast on the site on how to apply the label.  Note:  My own email address on the Macbook Pro in the picture was 3/4″ high and 11″ wide. My name, which the kids did as a present (full disclosure here) was 1 1/4″ high and 10.5 inches wide.  I though it was a little too big for my eyes, but you might disagree if you really want kids to get the message.  Try it out first.  Images of the kids at work are on the blog.   DEADLINE Extension:  On Media Matters, Teacher Appreciation runs until midnight Sunday, Linden time (PST).  Personally, I will continue to appreciate laptop-name.JPGmy colleagues in the classroom every day of the year.
Special thanks to Clay and Julie Mohr, team teachers at the Arnold Public School’s School House Graphic Products class.

To extend teacher appreciation week, simply slow time, as in this video.  There’s always room for jell-o cubes:  Bonus Video. http://vimeo.com/3830864


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    Wow Thanks Hall for making that deal! I visited their site. What an awesome way to make education real! If there are any offers left, I would love my email in the textile font. I have a black iBook 13″, so I guess it should black to blend in. just the email address: rmartin@ucfsd.org
    size of label: 3/4 x 11 inches white letters on black vinal
    Send to:
    Robin Martin
    136 North Deer Run Drive
    Lincoln University, PA 19352

  2. Julie Sawyer said:

    Label for laptop: Mrs. Sawyer
    Comic Sans MS
    laptop is 13″ wide

    Julie Sawyer
    3506 Bellwood Ct.
    St. Cloud, FL 34772

  3. Mary Del Bianco said:

    I’d love a label with the words: think big thoughts

    comic sans – 3/4′ high and 11’long. I need white text (have black lid

    thanks, great idea kids! I’m gonna order one for my husband!

  4. Jennifer Gingerich said:

    Oooh, me, me! I want one! I’d love my name for my laptop — Jennifer Gingerich (3/4? high and 11? wide) sounds about right. I have a 13 inch Macbook. Thanks for the gift. I appreciate all I have learned from you and the Discovery crew.

  5. Lisa Suhr said:

    What a great surprise to find this offer! And what innovative students/teacher at Arnold! I’d appreciate my label to say my email address:


    Size: 1 inch x 12 inches if possible
    Mailing address: 2184 176th Road, Sabetha, KS 66534

    Thank you, thank you! What a great way to celebrate teacher appreciation week!

  6. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Yeah! Me, too! Me, too! What a cool gift. I’d like the same size as Jennifer with my name on it. Thanks, Hall and the Arnold Public Schools!. Did you know that they are TREPS? TREP is a term that comes from the middle of the word entrepreneur and it means: a 19-year-old or younger who owns their own business. Go TREPS!

  7. Nancy Sharoff said:

    “Stay Tuned & Stay Connected”

    3/4 x 11 inches

    The above is my slogan — I’ve got it engraved on ‘everything’!

    As long as it’s not too late! (After all, it was Mother’s Day on Sunday):
    28 Maple Avenue
    Ellenville, NY 12428

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC said:

    Love it! Thanks, Hall! BTW…with all of the tweets/plurks that come in with seeing me at conferences all over the states I figured we should start a google map…Where’s Teryl? Watcha think? See you soon!


  9. Cathy Webb said:

    HUGE thanks for adding pics and video into my student’s favorite web tool! I’ll share this “how to” with colleagues and students in September!

  10. RJ Stangherlin said:

    If I’m not too late, I’d love:

    RJ Stangherlin

    in Comic Sans MS

    3/4″ by 11″ (going on a white MAC–I love color but you decide)

    Please send to:

    RJ Stangherlin
    2291 Bishop Road
    Allentown, PA 18103

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