Making May Marvelous

Well, 10 days into May and teachers are counting down the days until the buses leave campus for a well deserved summer hiatus of sorts. At the beginning of the school year, students walked patiently in straight lines are now trying to run, shout, scream, giggle, and jump like they are wild.  Some blame it on the rising sap, I think they are also ready for a change.

Folks, we must focus some of this raw energy on preparing for those wonderful end of grade tests. Trying to be politically correct, these tests are an opportunity to show how well our students have mastered the curriculum.

For my fellow teachers that are overwhelmed by all the end of year events, and celebrations and such, here is a wonderful gem that folks at Discovery have shared, at no cost, with educators, students, and parents. Homework Helper has resources to help students master the basics of mathematics of numbers and number operations. Videos and tutorials explain basic operations and help with the mastery of math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division–essential building blocks for success in mathematics. I like this site too- Then for science review earth, physical, and life science resources are excellent for viewing at home or in the classroom.  For English, they have video chapters and web resources to assist students with their written and verbal communication skills. Content areas included are grammar, composition, and mechanics from Kindergarten to Grade 1 – high school. Hold on, there are social studies recources too! The section keys in on chapters and web resources will assist students with understanding the election process, as well as the powers of and people behind the U.S. presidency.

Marvelous? Yeah right.

Please, don’t let your middle schoolers run over you on their way out the door. All I can say is that I am bad of backing into my parking space everyday this time of the year.


This is an entertaining for schools using Discovery Streaming. The reporters show how to use Mediashare. I wish we had this tool to use with our One to One learning program. We try to use the teacher wiki and we have iWeb, but this is really slick. I read in the Den Spring Training 2009 post that DEN members have a contest running through May 22nd. Lance and Steve do a great job explaining how to upload. So, with this in mind, why not share?  I need to dig through my videos and see if I can earn some “Resources Shared” points. If I can get around to it.


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