Another award? For us?? We’re blushing!

If you check out the June 2009 issue of Scholastic Administrator Magazine, you’ll be able to read all about how the Discovery Educator Network website has been awarded the 2009 Best in Tech award for Professional Development and Resource Solutions!

We’ve won our fair share of awards (would you believe this is our fourth?), and every time something like this comes up, the first thing I think about is that they’re notifying the wrong people.  Instead of notifying us, they should really be sending the congratulatory email to all of you.  Take the community out of the website and it’s just an empty shell.  It’s the STAR Discovery Educators that have created hundreds of forum conversations, uploaded thousands of Educator Resources, and left tens of thousands of blog comments.  We may have built the website, but you’re the ones who have made it great!

So once again, congrats to each and every one of you for helping the DEN become 2009’s best Professional Development and Resource Solutions website!


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  1. Katie Warren said:

    Steve and everyone who participates in this site –
    This is a well-deserved honor and while it may make you blush it should also make you “bust yer s’penders” for a job well done. Kudos to all of you,

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