It's a Wrap and the Investigation is On!

Sleuthing at the DENThe Wednesday Workshop with Brad Drakken (Brad Fountain-RL) called Sleuthing with Discovery Education Science was a fabulous success! Brad introduced everyone to some of the cool features of DE Science for elementary and middle school. Be sure to visit the DEN National Blog for details on how you can get a free 90 day trial!

After the workshop, Celestia Cazalet introduced the fun new contest the DEN in SL is hosting called “IDiscover Sleuthing”. Apparently, while all of us were in the auditorium, someone stole the engine out of the motorcyle in the lobby of 2DP! We did find a clue in some scattered papers on the floor, but we need your help to discover “whodunit”!

I’m not going to give you all the details – you’ll have to visit 2DP in SL, click on the Clue 1IDiscover Sleuthing Game sign, and look at the first clue (which can be found in the papers on the floor). Each Wednesday, a new clue will be available somewhere on the DEN in SL grounds/building. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and attend Wednesday Workshops for additional chances to win.

Win??? Yes! You didn’t think we would have a contest without great prizes, did you? Each person can make one guess per week. If you guess correctly, you will win one chance at the great prizes that will be awarded at the reveal party (on a date to be announced). We won’t tell you if you got it right until the party, though – so you’ll have to decide if you want to keep trying the same guess, or try something new each week. Everyone who guesses will win a fabulous “I’m a SLeuth” t-shirt, so be sure to give it a try!


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