Animation Adventures with Frames!

fs_box_225.jpgThanks to our good friends over at Tech4Learning, there are STARs aplenty who received free copies of Frames to use in the classroom.  However, what good is a piece of software if you don’t know how to use it?  They have graciously offered to host a webinar to help show you tips and tricks for using Frames with your students!

Creating animated movies and digital stories is a fantastic way to engage students in the curriculum. Learn how students can use the integrated drawing tools in Frames to illustrate their own stories, tell digital stories, and create animated Flash® movies.

The webinar will be May 29th at 4:30EST.  To register, click here.


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  1. Lori Abrahams said:

    Is this Webinar Thurs May 28th or Friday, May 29th? When I went to register it shows it listed as Friday, May 29th not May 28th as listed on this blog post.

  2. Linda said:

    Rats, I wish I had know about the webinar. I passed on the software since I didn’t know how to use it.

    I had gotten some software another time and didn’t know how to use it, so never did. Didn’t want to repeat it this time.

    The training is great and the software looks like it will be wonderful.

  3. Deborah Thonus said:

    It was stated that the webinar was being recorded. I would like to review what was presented. It was great but the presenter went very fast. Where are the archived webinars found?

  4. Donna Edwards said:


    Having just read this post, I realized I’d missed a great media learning opportunity. For one of my music courses that I created for seventh graders, their final project is to create a short animation, select a classical piece of music to enhance the animation, and then discuss and support the reasons for their choice of music. I would appreciate having an option to view this webinar, either in real-time or as archived program content. The more I can learn about this software program “Frames”, the better informed I will be to request it in my school budget. Please let me know how I might view this webinar. Thank You.

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