Tucson STARs go Geocaching at the Zoo

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Tucson teachers got a wonderful introduction to Geocaching with the DEN STARs from the Statewide Instructional Technology Project on Saturday. Allen Swanson, a hard-core geocaching enthusiast, and Emily Mann led teachers through the DEN and its great resources and landed on the fabulous postings about Geocaching already in the Educator Resources like Steve Dembo’s posting about Geocaching 101 and an introductory PowerPoint. -Lucasvan’s Presentation for his class on Geocaching is a great starter too.

We then hoofed it to Reid park an chance to get our hands on the devices, learn how they work, more principals and culture of geocaching, marking and finding waypoints and for practice hunting down a micro-cache and a smaller cache–both cleverly hidden.

Now more adept with the technology, we went into the zoo for a virtual multi-step cache where we had to find clues on signs about animals and unscramble them to get a password to a locked document. It was challenging with interference from overhead trees, but when we had more than one unit and took the time to mark the specific waypoint, it got better–and we got better.

Lunch was a lovely time for debriefing and giggling about the fun we had. Marana and homeschool teachers are rearing to share this with colleagues and get it going with their students.Thank you Discovery, Justin and Lance for the support and adventure!

Geocaching with the STARs on PhotoPeach


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  1. Ann said:

    Awesome video, Tucson Stars. It looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Vicki said:

    OK – I’m waiting for the next adventure. Hoping you can make a trip north to the cool weather. So many caches up here by scenic ruins, petrogyphs, and wildflower fields. DEN Stars are up to 80 as of today – DE says “AZ Rocks” and don’t we know it! Vicki

  3. Lillian Hritz said:

    This was great fun and I did learn a lot. Thank you to Allen and Emily.

    Vicki you are right about making a trip north. It would have been great for multiple AZ sites to partake in the DEN Geocaching Day. Maybe next year.

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