IDiscover Sleuthing Week Two!

The strangest things have been happening lately at the DEN. First, there was the theft that occurred last week. Now there is a glitch in our schedule!

We happen to have no Wednesday workshop scheduled this week, so the DEN LC will be taking a bit of a hiatus this week. You can still attend the great EdTechConnect webinar tonight with the DE folks, but there will not be a workshop at the DEN in SL afterword.

That said, the sleuthing game must go on! We have found another clue and we need you to help us solve this crime! Lor Freriksson was surveying the building to determine the best place to have a little get-together with friends when she was shocked to discover blood spatter in one of the meeting rooms! Find the room and you’ll find the blood which will lead you to your next clue. To solve the mystery behind the clue, you may have to enlist the aid of a science teacher or other scientifically-enabled person. Remember, at the DEN, it’s all about collaboration!


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