Take Your Students to the Moon with DE streaming

Image Credit: NASA

Did you know that Discovery Education streaming is adding new video content all the time?

I am really excited for the newest video added to extensive media library, In the Shadow of the Moon.  This 2-hour special production aired on the Discovery Channel just last year and it’s already available for teachers and students through DE streaming.

Journey with crew members from NASA’s Apollo missions as they recount the exhilaration, fear, and awe of voyaging to the moon. Featuring never-before-seen, remastered footage shot by the astronauts themselves, the program captures the thrill of the space race and pays tribute to the men and women who dedicated their lives to space and scientific advancement. Interviews with astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins, James Lovell, Eugene Cernan, Alan Bean, Charles Duke, and others provide an intimate view of the lunar missions from the only men who have ever walked on another world.

This show tells the story of true human ingenuity, creativity, and fearlessness.  It is a story of hope that is uplifting and inspiring.  It is also a story seeped in contextual understanding of the historical time and place that made a mission of this unimaginable magnitude possible.

In the Shadow of the Moon is available as a full video and also as video segments.  There is an excellent teacher’s guide to help you find creative and engaging ways to use the video with your students.

If you are a DE streaming subscriber, click here to access the video and teaching materials for In the Shadow of the Moon. If you are not a current subscriber, click here to request a preview.

For additional teaching resources, check out NASA at 50 – available through Discovery Education School.  The Discovery Channel  has some terrific resources available online:

DE streaming also has some excellent video series that also appeared on the Discovery Channel within the past year:

  • The NASA at 50 series contains 18 videos, all with teacher guides. DE streaming subscribers, search for “NASA at 50” to access the full collection.
  • The When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions six-part series is available in both English and Spanish and has awesome resources included in the teacher guides.  DE streaming subscribers, search for “When We Left Earth” to access the complete series.

The story of America’s journey to the moon is interdisciplinary.

  • Science: study the science behind space travel or research the solar system
  • Social Studies: study the space program and its place in the larger context of the Cold War or investigate the geography on Earth that was used as a training ground for astronauts to prepare for the geography of the moon
  • Math: investigate the mathematical principles that allowed humans to travel to the moon or use Google Earth to measure distance, angles, and practice geometry
  • Language Arts: investigate themes of heroism and how the journey to the moon has entered into our modern mythology
  • Art: create artist renderings of the moon or investigate photographs of the moon as a lesson in color and shading
  • Music: discover how space travel and the moon inspired popular songs
  • Industrial Arts: create a model of a lunar landing or transportation vehicle
  • Family and Consumer Science: study the nutritional needs of astronauts while in the zero gravity of space
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Education: investigate how the space race and the journey to the moon impacted the educational programs in the USA

So, spark your students’ imagination by taking them to the moon with Discovery Education!


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