The DENny Awards: Nominate a Fellow STAR


Join us for our final DEN webinar of the school year on May 26 at 7 PM ET.  We will discuss all things DEN-related and unveil some very special awards to members of the DEN community in our first-ever DENny Awards Ceremony.  Register today!We have also decided to open up a window for STARs to nominate their colleagues for a special Community Choice DENny.  Do you know a STAR who goes above and beyond to support the DEN community?  Do you read a certain STAR’s blog all the time because it is just so good?  Of course you do.  Take two minutes to recognize those STARs by completing the nomination form today .  Creativity is strongly encouraged!

All nominations for Community Choice DENny Awards must be received by 5 PM ET on May 25.


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