Texas Wins at the DENnys!

denny-award-with-date200.jpgTonight was the first-ever DENny awards – given to outstanding STAR educators and Leadership Councils for outstanding commitment to the DEN. There were lots of great awards given out to so many deserving people!

One of those people is our very own Leadership Council chair, Linda Rush. She was awarded a Leadership DENny for her work with the Texas Leadership Council.

Another of our Leadership Council members, Beth Weeks, won an award for sharing so many resources on Media Share. Way to go, Beth!

In addition, the Texas blog won an award for being one of the best LC blogs. Look for new “bling” on the blog in the near future!

The DENnys were exciting, not just because they recognized the great work that has already been done, but because it inspires the rest of us to continue the work and make the DEN even bigger and better in the 2009-2010 school year!


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  1. Howard Martin said:

    Congratulations Linda and Elaine. (Elaine, please edit your blog to give yourself the cred you deserve with all of your blogging!! 🙂

    Texas rocks and it’s good that two Texans were recognized for their work! Thanks ladies for all that you do.

  2. Elaine Plybon said:

    The article has been updated, but not to add my own name — Beth Weeks also earned a DENny last night and I neglected to include it in the list. Way to go, Beth!

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    I did???? WOW… thanks!!!
    Elaine we do appreciate you and all the work you do to keep us informed!
    You ROCK girl!!!

    Congrats to Linda too!!! The Texas DEN is awesome!

  4. Carol Battalora said:

    Congratulations, Your are a true ambassador for United Streaming.

  5. Susan Tompkins said:

    Congratulations to the TX DEN and all of you for being a cut above! It is great to have such a fantastic group of educators as our neighbors. I look forward to some joint ventures in the future. Well done, Texas!

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