DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 05/27/2009

  • Google search box not only analyze our search string and display perfect results but also provide variety of features such as currency conversions, movie timings, weather forecasts, calculator etc.

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    • A new search tool that is set to launch formally May 18 allows users to input queries and receive answers to fact-based questions. If it works as advertised, the web site, called WolframAlpha, could be another useful tool for students and researchers — though some educators say they are skeptical about the search tool.
    • Champaign, Ill.-based Wolfram Research develops the advanced math and analysis software Mathematica, and because the software includes data that have been “curated”–found and verified–by more than 100 Wolfram employees, over the years the company has built a wide knowledge base. Now, WolframAlpha lets the wider world have a crack at it–something that gives pause to some in education.

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