It's a Wrap! Tour of the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum

For those of you who missed our tour of the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum, the pictures below hopefully will encourage you to go visit on your own.  Our tour guides passionately shared their vision with us.  If you are lucky when you go to visit, they will be on hand to guide you and answer your questions.  Thank you to Penelope Riggles  (Melissa Carrillo) the Director of the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum and her outstanding staff.


In the lobby there is a searchable kiosk database with access to various exhibits and collections.


 Another area to explore is the beautiful Placito.  Here there will be musicians and artisans. There is a “Day of the Dead” display and you can even get your own costume.


Join a virtual expedition and play in the sandbox to learn about Latino art and culture.  There are many more photos of our guided tour, which included dancing and listening to Latino music, as well as some teasers to solving our iDiscover  “Who Dunnit?” sleuthing game.


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