More on Tucson Geocaching

As the National Geocaching event approaches, I post this video of the fun had in

Tucson during our DEN day of educational geocaching so as to share the fun.  Join us!

Two notes:

1.  I love the Media Share capabilities in the DEN. I love that it has so much storage. I love that so many people are using it and populating it with great resources. I love that it enables me to easily create a link. I love that it gives embed coded that we can paste into Google Earth or our blogs and get a video linked. Good stuff!  –I just wish I could figure out why embedding code makes the page all crazy re-formatted???

2.  If anyone would like cute flyers to advertise a Geocaching event you are doing, please send me a note and if I get a chance I will post it to the blog beforehand.


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One Comment;

  1. Rosy said:

    I enjoyed learning from your geocaching experience. It was quite a successful event. Emily thanks for organizing the event and Alen for being the guide. We hope to bring an event like this to Phoenix in the Fall.

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