EASTCONN Day of Discovery

I am thrilled to be back in my home state of Connecticut facilitating a Day of Discovery!  This event is generously sponsored by EASTCONN.

Here are the presentation materials from our day.  Click on the links to download the resources or click here to open the DE MediaShare folder containing all these resources.

EASTCONN Day of Discovery Agenda


DE streaming Overview and 50 Ways to Integrate DES

Multimedia Presentations that Pop!

What is the DEN?

DE Hardware Solutions

Discovery Education is Pretty ‘Suite’


DE streaming Quick Start Guide

DE streaming Publishers List

DE streaming PLUS 

DE streaming Integration Strategies

DE Science Middle School Quick Start Guide

DE Science Elementary School Quick Start Guide

DE Science Integration Strategies

DE Health Quick Start Guide

DE Health Integration Strategies

DE MediaShare Quick Start Guide

DE Assessment Brochure

Video in PowerPoint 97/2003

Video in PowerPoint 2007

Homophone Song (PowerPoint)

Homophone Song (MyPlick)

Widgets for Your DE streaming Builder 

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One Comment;

  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    What I love about Discovery Education–everything. The network of PD with DEN STARS, webinars, special events, first to pilot/pioneer new Discovery products, emerging technologies, and all that Jennifer will show you today, plus what she could show you, given 3 more days with her and Discovery products. Best of all: being connected to people who are incredibly talented collaborators, and DE who always brings us the cutting edge before the edge has been cut.

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