Geocaching Day

The Michigan DEN had two teams: one in Commerce and the other in Battle Creek/Kalamazoo.  The Commerce team had a blast!  We found 5 caches and hiked some beautiful trails in Proud Lake Recreation Area.  We saw snakes, spiders, frogs, herons, and of course lots of mosquitos.  We nearly lost a couple of teachers who wandered off, but we found them before too long.  Several of the team were newbies, and now I think they are hooked.  It was a fun day of networking, learning together, with great exercise for all.  Our travel bug has been planted and we hope it travels very  soon!  Thank you DEN! 


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  1. Cindy Alvarado said:

    We had such a blast on Geocaching Day! I can hardly wait to go back to Proud Lake and find the other set of caches our overachieving leader had us download. Thanks, Pam! You rock!

  2. Laura Cummings said:

    It was a very fun time! I still can’t believe we found that many caches in one morning. Thanks again Pam for all you did to make it happen. Thanks Discovery for coming up with the idea and providing the travel bug and lunch.

  3. Kay Price said:

    Pam, this was a such an enjoyable day and a chance to meet some wonderful interesting individuals, thankyou for organizing it and thankyou to DEN. I can’t wait to track the “Travel Bug” and see where it ends up! A big thankyou to everyone, I had a blast and thankyou for making me feel welcome. I hope we all get the chane to do this again in the near future as it was a lot of fun Geocaching with you all, Kay

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