Geocaching Day, Part 2!

We were lucky to have two geocaching events in the state of Michigan on Saturday, May 30.  Six people met up to celebrate Geocaching Day 2009 in Battle Creek, MI.  We met at our brand new Panera Bread, and walked through the basics of Geocaching.  Everyone was anxious to get out of there, and begin exploring.  Many of them had already visited and understood the basics.  We piled into two cars, and set out to find our first cache.  We had our GeoCorgi with us to help.  We began with a beginners cache, and then proceeded to cache’s that were a bit more difficult.  We launched the DEN-Battle Creek travel bug in a cache called “Can you see me now!!”  Overall, we ended up going five for five in finding the caches we set out for.  The group is already planning another outing to continue participating in the sport.  Thanks to the DEN for sponsoring this event, and buying lunch!  Thank you to John Phillips for volunteering to be field guide! 


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