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Greetings everyone I would like to introduce myself to the PA Blog readers. I am Robin Martin and am joining RJ Stangherlin in updating the PA DEN blog. This seems like a tough act since it was just a DENny Award winner! I have been in teaching for 33 years including time as a health & pe teacher and coach, 8 years as assistant principal in a middle school, and the remainder as instructional technology teacher. Over those years I have been involved with teacher training and professional development within the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District in Chester County. I consider myself a lifelong learner and can’t get enough of educational technology integration projects with our teachers.

Personally I have a ninth grade daughter and a son who is a senior along with a young lady who rooms with us as part of her study at our church. It is a busy household with 3 teenager, but I love having all of their friends here to eat or play Rock Band.

I attended my first DEN event in 2008 and was immediately drawn by the professional development model and the friendliness of all the folks involved. This is where my PLN was developed and I have learned so much from many people around the country. Ed tech teachers are very sharing and helpful to any newbie or veteran teacher who asks for advice or critique for any project. Daily I get some wonderful resources from the PLN on plurk or twitter that are shared on my personal blog; I will be converting over to using my DEN blog more often with these same sites.

Here’s hoping we can stay in the top as a DEN blog. There are a many teachers out there who are doing exciting things in their classroom. Let us know, and we can feature their accomplishments in the classroom.

Don’t be a lurker; let us know whom to feature. Photos are a great addition as well!


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