The Adventure of a Lifetime!

 Nine STAR Discovery Educators were recently selected to take the trip of a lifetime through the Discovery Student Adventures program.  Our first crew is already in Australia and the team going to South Africa leaves next week.  Let’s meet our STAR adventurers.

Australia (May 25 – June 7)

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  • Jennifer Jensen (Douglas County, CO)
  • Carol Anne McGuire (New Village Leadership Academy, CA)
  • Kenneth Shelton (Los Angeles Unified, CA)

jensen  carol ann ken

South Africa (June 2-13)

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  • Jason Cochrane (Cedar Rapids Community, IA)
  • Linda Rush (Diocese of Dallas, TX)
  • Karen Wells (Midland School District, AR)

jason  linda  karen

China (August 4-18)

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  • Brett Harvey (Glendale Unified, CA)
  • Rita Mortenson (Verona Area School District, WI)
  • Heather Sullivan (Freehold Regional, NJ)

brett  rita  heather

About Discovery Student Adventures

On a Discovery Student Adventure, curiosity is all you really need. Because traveling with Discovery is not about sight seeing (although you’ll certainly see the sites.) It’s about experiencing the world through the eyes of Discovery. It’s about doing. Getting involved. Sure you’ll learn new facts along the way. Fascinating stuff. Things you couldn’t possibly have imagined. But more importantly, a Discovery Student Adventure will empower you to make the most of every single second. To enjoy this rich experience in ways you never thought possible – as an explorer, scientist, adventurer. And by the time you get home, you’ll have changed. It’s the reason a Discovery Student Adventure is like no other. And precisely why they last forever.

To learn more about the amazing trips for 2010 to places like the Arctic, Costa Rica, Italy/Greece and more check out the Discovery Student Adventures site.


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  1. Jennifer Jensen said:

    Hello from Australia RJ!!! I’m so glad you posted the info about the Pilot trips on your blog.

    We are currently on the Bruce Highway headed to Townsville. We will be taking snorkeling lessons this afternoon and then spending the day at Reef HQ tomorrow – and tomorrow night. (I’m hopeful that I can relive my shark tunnel days from the first Institute at Sea World.)

    Uluru will be very difficult to top, but I am absolutely looking forward to snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef Thursday.

    Be sure to visit our trip blog at:

    G’Day Mates!!!

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