Discovery Student Adventures Takes Lemons and makes “Solo”

Okay, so when I was packing for my trip to Australia with the Discovery Student Adventures team, I was imagining sunny skies and warm weather. So let’s just say my suitcase was definitely not prepared for 50 degree weather and rain everyday since we arrived. But that’s okay, because when you travel with Discovery Student Adventures and you have a fearless travel manager like Amanda, you take those lemon like situations and make SOLO, an Aussie version of lemonade that has become our Australian addiction. It could have been a normal drive into Bush Camp, but when the rain caused the roads to become too muddy and slick, Amanda transformed that route into a 4 wheel drive adventure… the bigger the puddles the more the kids hooted and hollered.So here’s a brief look at what we’ve done so far since arriving abroad only 8 days ago. Let’s see if I can get this in one breath…Landed after an 17 hour flight and headed straight to the Moonlit Animal sanctuary where we fed and walked among wallabies, cleaned Rita the wombat’s cage and checked the fertility of sugar gliders. Nice scenic tour through Melbourne… very artistic place! A hike among the canopy of the Australia rainforest at Otway fly (screamed my head off when the kids shook the bridge) Took the “Great Ocean Road” drive, one of the top 10 drives in the world… watched what happens to CarolAnne when she has eaten too many lollies (candies) let’s just say the call it the liquid laugh (but it’s definitely not funny!) Had a behind the scenes tour of Healesville Sanctuary where kids got to witness a kangaroo autopsy (let’s just say I stayed behind the glass and by the looks on the kids faces, I made the right choice!) Went shopping in the famous Victoria Market and enjoyed some local yellow kiwi (bought beanies, gloves, and a scarf as it is still freezing cold and rainy) Took a flight to the center of the outback where we had an overnight at the Ooramina Bush Camp… made bread, learned how to crack a whip, enjoyed a roaring campfire, and we slept in swags (an Australian sleeping bag type thing) An early rise and off to one of the most famous iconic Australian spots… know to some as “The Rock” others as “Ayers” and officially as “Uluru” It’s GIGANTIC. Met with Cassidy an Aboriginal who taught us how to make glue, throw a spear, told us stories in the sand, and helped us make dot paintings. Cooked our own dinner on the barbie. Woke up at O-Dark-thirty to watch the sunrise over Uluru. It did not disappoint and words don’t do it justice! A magical moment for all! We saw our first glimpse of sun… but we are still bundled up… in fact they hit record lows today! Kids got to ride camels in the bush (laughed hysterically at their expressions) Took flight again to the northern shores…. officially threw jacket off as we hit the warm tropical weather… but guess what… still raining! Did I mention that we’ve seen rainbows EVERY DAY?!?! We are officially somewhere over the rainbow! Witnessed a croc feeding at Hartley’s Crocodile farm and one of my trip highlights cuddled up with a Koala (they are VERY stinky and I decided not to sneak him in my bag) Watched where we stepped at a Banana factory 🙂 Saw lots of banana trees and even helped packing a few, LOTS of mud, a terrific waterfall, the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life, and the BEST cream and lemingtons for morning tea. Headed toward the Great Barrier Reef and stopped for a picture with the world’s largest Gum Boot for Eren. Enjoyed an Aussie burger… they put beets on them… it’s fantastic! Reached Reef HQ and practiced snorkeling at Adrenaline Dive. Now the kids are down stairs at the Reef HQ learning how to identify fish and coral for their research expedition to Orpheus Island tomorrow…. insert long exhale here!Can you believe all that in 8 days!Enough from me… go now to and read the kids and teachers AMAZING twitters and blogs. POST COMMENTS… they read them every night!Now, go to and pick which adventure you want to go on next year. EVERY teacher needs to have this amazing experience with their students and where there’s a will, there is a way!So cheers to each of you and a giant G’day from Australia! Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve done so far!


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  1. Conni Mulligan said:

    What a wonderful video. I love the song. How lucky all of you are to have this wonderful experience! Enjoy the moments and hold onto all of the wonderful memories!

  2. wendy norton said:

    Wow, thanks for sharing. The video was awesome. What an adventure.

  3. Pat Duncan said:

    Sounds like the experience of a lifetime! So glad that you had a great time… can’t wait to hear more about your Adventures!

  4. Cristina McCoach said:

    Love the whirlwind description of your time in Australia! I’m taking a class about Web 2.0 tools, especially blogs, and love the set-up of your trip blog. I really liked that you have links to the blogs of the students who traveled with you.

  5. Megaen Reader said:

    What a great adventure and experience! Learning to make life’s Lemons to “Solo” is a great life lesson for students. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tari said:

    What a phenominal experience for all of you! And the best part is that you can share it almost instantly with all of us! the links to the students’ blogs were fantastic as well.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kristine Dreaver-Charles said:

    What a great adventure you are on. I’ve been to Australia and loved it. Your descriptions brought back memories. I forgot about beets on the burgers. Your students must be having an amazing time.

  8. Ed Hostetler said:

    Wow! I gotta say that I’m pretty jealous . . .what a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

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