Head Aches and Geek Things that Excite Me

This has been a crazy week.  It all started last Thursday afternoon.  Our email system went offline because of a hard drive failure.  I knew then it would not be up the next day.  That is when my headache started.  Saturday and Sunday, our email was sporadic, but I thought the worst was over.  Monday morning rolls around, and our email is still down.  My head ache returns.

By Tuesday, our email system has been moved to a new server but we were still having issues with outbound mail.  Most of that was solved before the end of the day.  Finally on Wednesday my headache subsided and I felt that I could show my face it public again.

By now it is quite obivous I have nothing to write about.    So, I am just going to share some things that have excited me.

1. The Dell Latitude 2100 Education Netbook.  I am not a big fan of netbooks for me personally, I prefer my laptop and iPod Touch.  I see the benefits for education.  Dell has released a special netbook for education.  I want a set and it has been a long time since I have said “I want” and “dell” in the same sentence.


2. The Palm Pre.  Our cell phones are on the Verizon network and I am not happy with the selection.  BlackBerry is not an options.  Saturday, June 5th, Palm is releasing their newest phone the Pre.  It is only on Sprint, but Verizon already let the cat out of the bag and said they will be carrying the Pre in 6 months.

3. Apple’s WWDC.  On June 8th, Apple will most likely be talking about the new iPhone.  There have been rumors of it being available on Verizon, but I am not holding my breath.  I am still excited to see what the updates are and when I can get them on my iPod Touch.

5. Twitter:  I am a bipolar twitterer.  Sometimes I love it and think it is great, other days it is just a distraction.  Today I am liking it.  I especially like this video out of UT Dallas.  I would have loved a classroom like this growing up.  I would never raise my hand or participate in a discussion in school, but I would have participated like this.


It is a good time to be a geek.


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