NC Participates in 1st DEN Geocaching Day

On May 30, 2009, North Carolina educators participated in the 1st DEN Geocaching Day at two locations:  Etowah and Kinston

NC Map 

Etowah, NC

Twelve geocachers began the day at the newly opened Etowah Public Library where they learned about how GPS satellites work, GPS devices and Geocaching.  They then spent some time looking for some small caches around the library as they learned to use their GPS devices.  They were given many examples of how to tie geocaching to any curricular area as well as time to collaborate and connect with each other.  Their adventure then took them to the Etowah Park where they found two geocaches.  The first one was found very quickly; but, the second one proved to be a bit more of an adventure.  After using the clue given to them on the website, the cache was found covered with ants. Their geocaching experience ended with Julie’s Sub and Sandwich Shop providing a wonderful lunch and lots of prizes from Discovery.   

 DEN Geocaching Day at Etowach, NC

Kinston, NC Twenty three cachers started the day at Golden Corral for breakfast and some general geocaching hints. Our adventure was the First Battle of Kinston Tour, which consisted of 12 new caches and a history lesson at each stop.  Included in each cache was information needed to complete a puzzle that would reveal the location of the last cache.  The travel bug was launched at the 3rd stop on the tour.  Cachers met at the Kinston Visitor’s Center and received a button proclaiming they finished The First Battle Tour of Kinston.  Our reward for a long morning of caching was the delicious lunch awaiting us at Subway.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the nice prizes and lunch.

 DEN Geocaching in Kinston, NC

On June 27th, there will be a second event:  The Battle of Wyse Fork, which will also consist of 12 new caches.  Join us if you can.


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