Help Celebrate the DEN's Birthday

Our wonderful community is approaching another birthday at NECC in a few weeks.  We hope you can join us on June 27, 2009 (9 AM to 3:30 PM) for an engaging day of networking, professional development, fun and of course, birthday cake, at the world headquarters of Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, MD.


As part of this year’s celebration we are looking to showcase “digital bulletin boards” that reflect what the DEN means to our STARs.  What is a digital bulletin board you ask?  Well, it could be a PowerPoint slide that links out to all the cool things you’ve done with the DEN.  Or it could be a Voicethread, Inspiration map, Glog, etc.  The format has to be digital, the content has to be DEN and bonus points for creativity.

 We will display the digital bulletin boards during our pre-NECC event and allow everyone to vote. Everyone who submits an entry will receive a DEN baseball cap and the winner will receive a super deluxe pack of DEN swag as well as the fame and fortune associated with winning. And you DO NOT have to be present to win.  Every STAR is encouraged to submit his/her own digital bulletin board.

 Please send your entries to Lance Rougeux ( by Friday, June 19, 2009.

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