Keep Your STAR Shining!

STAR Discovery Educator

In order to maintain your STAR status, you must report at least two of your events for the 2008-2009 school year by August 31, 2009.

What is an event?  An event is any time you share the power of Discovery with 3 or more colleagues.  Share an integration idea over lunch with your grade-level team.  Demonstrate to your peers how you use a Virtual Lab in DE Science.  The list is endless.

Log in to the DEN website and you’ll see “Report Event.”  If you are not sure of how many events you’ve reported send an inquiry to

Just in case you are still wondering, years ago Lance defined an event as a gathering of 3 or more people discussing things DEN.  That definition still holds true.  It could be as informal as a discussion during lunch.  We’ve had several of them; I bring dessert and we discuss Discovery Education–new products, updates, upcoming events.  Sometimes it’s as simple as telling the science teachers about a new product and then raffling off my DEN lab coat.  Giving them some prizes for attending, like DEN notepads, pens, or anything else I’ve picked up from DEN events and squirreled away for our staff lunch event is always an enticer.  A while ago, when I logged in, I saw that my STAR status had expired, so I reported my events.  The biggest problem we have with the events isn’t holding them; it’s remembering to report them, and time is not always our friend.  So, when you carve some time out of your hectic schedules, remember to report your events so your star can keep shining brightly.



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