Last Bus Blues?

 Danielle Hancock Grade 8, Elm City Middle, Wilson, NC, Category: 6-8As the last school bus pulls out of the school parking lot for the summer, many dedicated educators have been known to experience spontaneous outbursts that mimic celebrations of winning a National Championship or quiet personal sugar highs. Giggles, howlers, and high-fives are most numerous in the teacher’s parking lot around 3:29 PM. I had a principal one time that encouraged the staff to congregate in the bus parking lot as the students left for the summer. The teachers would form a kick-line and chant the chorus to that song by the artist Steam, that starts with the words–“Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good-bye“. I do not think our parents would approve of that now. It would be considered taunting or worse.As the desiel exhaust fumes clear from the bus parking lot and the school yard littered with broken pencils and half-chewed lunch room yellow straws dot a well trampled lawn, it is difficult to not feel a little– blue. Blue from all the missed chances to help students learn those math facts, voice-mails parents left nonrespondent, passing guides, retention lists, and the thought that you will not be seeing all the smiling faces from learners that never bored of preparing for their EOGs. However, as an educator, the thoughts of a better year and a few days to refresh our minds work miracles.Celebrate the accomplishments of this school year. Reflect a little and rest a lot. The return of the first bus of a new school year is only days ahead.

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