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In an effort to inform you about what is going on across the Keystone state, we will invite you into some classrooms and share some exemplaryPhoto by S. Beeghley: Civil War Sallie with Fr. Corby in Gettysburg projects you may have missed. Our first is Sarah Beeghley the owner of Civil War Sallie. Sarah Beeghley is in sixth grade at St. Joseph School in Mechanicsburg and recently placed first in the PA Middle School Computer Fair in the Web Page Design Category. Her project is called Civil War Sallie. Sallie is a Boyd’s Bear dressed in an American red, white, and blue dress and travels around to various locations connected to the Civil War. Here are the contents of our email interview:

Sarah, where did you get the idea for this project? I got the idea from Mr. Brandon Lutz who is the owner of Morpheus Fortuna and Pax.

What would YOU say is the purpose for Civil War Sallie?
To travel around to different places in order to help people learn more about the Civil War and Web 2.0 technology.

Have you been interested in civil war for a long time?
Yes for 11 years because my parents have been taking me Civil War related places since I was 1 month old.

Who are some of the most interesting Civil War personalities you have learned about? The most interesting person I learned about was Clara Barton.  I find Clara interesting because she did something that no other women would have done at that time.  She stood up to men who said that a battlefield was no place for a woman.

Have you met any other traveling critters along the way? Yes, I have met two. Their names are Morpheus Morpheus Fortuna and Pax. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names.

Where has Sallie been so far? She has been to Gettysburg, Andersonville Prison, the Clara Barton home, and several classrooms.  For her full list please go to

Do you have a specific place you really want Sallie to visit
? I’m really looking forward to Sallie’s visit to the Clara Barton birthplace museum in Masssachusettes. I am also hoping that she can visit Antietam to meet Ranger Mannie because Clara Barton was there during the battle.

Tell us about some of Sallie’s adventures. Sallie has met Miss. Clara Barton who is portrayed by Miss. Mary Ann Jung. She visited classrooms and learned about Abe Lincoln, got GIMPed into some old photos, and spent some great time with students learning about Civil War. She has visited museums related to the Civil War and met people who were in the Civil War including President Lincoln.  To see more please go to

Have there been any memorable moments? Yes, when she went to Clara Barton’s home in Glen Echo, MD

Where can we follow her adventures?
(Twitter @CivilWarSallie)
You can follow her written travels on her blog at and follow pictures of her adventures on her account at

If someone would like to have Sallie visit, what should they do? First they should go to and check the available dates.  Then they e-mail me at and we add them to the list.

How do you get funds to pay for Sallie’s travels? Right now there are no funds to pay for her travels.  I am going to be starting to raise some money for me to travel to some national conferences and I’d like to get Sallie her own website.

Is there is any other information you would like to tell us about Civil War Sallie ? I would like for Sallie to help people remember those who fought and died during the Civil War.  It is an important time in our history and I hope that people do not forget about why they fought.  Also, this project has been great for me because I have met some very nice people and it helping me to improve my public speaking and my writing.

Thank you to Sarah Beeghley and Civil War Sallie for sharing your story. Congratulations on your first place in the Pennsylvania Computer Fair as well!

Cheers to Brandon Lutz for inspiring this unique project!  Another STAR in action.

You can visit Sarah and Civil War Sallie at a poster session at NECC in Washington, DC. Tuesday, 6/30/2009, 1:00pm–3:00pm WWCC East Registration Lobby, Table: 1

Photos by S. Beeghley: Civil War Sallie with Fr. Corby in Gettysburg and with Clara Barton Other Follow me projects:


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  1. Tracey McGrath said:

    Congratulations Sarah on all of Sallie’s successfull experiences. Have you learned something new about the civil war through Sallie’s experiences and the places she’s been able to visit?

  2. lisa amspacher said:

    Sara is a bright young girl…this is a great project!

  3. Jill Machemer said:

    What a wonderful experience this has given you, Sarah! You are a dedicated young lady. Keep up your hard work!

  4. Suzanne Tallman said:

    I saw Sarah’s web design that won first place. Since she already designed an award-winning website for Sallie, I say “Go for it!” Get that website online!

  5. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Congratulations, Sarah, for creating such a wonderful project. Civil War Sallie has had some amazing experiences. Thank you for giving us a wonderful project, and Robin, for a great idea–People in PA–a great series we look forward to reading.

  6. Mary Earnest said:

    Sarah is like the Energizer Bunny…she keeps going and going. From participating at PETE&C, exhibiting at the state capitol in May, winning first place at the computer fair held at the CAIU, giving interviews, winning first place in the state for web page design at the Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair, and heading to national conferences, she is one busy, determined, and talented girl! We at St. Joseph School are very proud of her!

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