What I did over my summer vacation ;-)

You know I don’t remember a teacher ever really assigning that subject as a writing prompt.  Oh well……

So, what am I doing this summer – tech-wise?

Well, one thing I am involved in is North Texas 23: a roundup of web 2.0 technology.   It is sponsored by North Texas Library Partners, is free (always a good thing) and is all online.  We will take a look at 2.o tech items from blogs and wikis to image generators to social networks and more.  I am part of the admin team, with a group of participants to check on, as well as being a participant.  If there are librarians out there reading this post,  I encourage you to take a look at this.  I believe it is a yearly thing so watch for it in the future.

I am also determined to learn Moodle this summer, our district now having a Moodle presence so to speak, so I can use it to help folks with library items such as research — a new component in the ELA teks– and to help district folks use Discovery Streaming more effectively.   If you have ideas for using Moodle with Discovery or other items, please post a comment.  I would love to see the ideas.


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