It's a Wrap! – Ideas for a Greener Tech


Yesterday’s workshop presented by Augustine Writer was extremely colorful!  Green colorful that is!  The focus was on tips to make your technology ‘go green’.

Tip #1 – Try using Blackle instead of Google for your search.   Seems that the black background requires less power than a white background.  (Hmmmmm, wonder if that applies to PowerPoints as well?)  And while you’re exploring Blackle, check out their games.

Tip #2 – P-essays.  Don’t worry, when that name popped up on the screen I was clueless as well! LOL  They are actualy public service announcements in digital storytelling form.

Tip #3 – Got a great idea?  Use MediaShare at Discovery Education Network to get the word out.  No need to send your great idea to the copy & distribution center!

Tip #4 –  Have your students use Glogster (the education version) to show off their projects (and leave the construction paper in the closet!).

Tip #5 –  DE Streaming – check out the ThinkGreen Writing Prompt and the Greensburg clips.  If you’re not familiar with Greensburg (I wasn’t before last night), it’s about Greensburg, KS and what happened when the town rebuilt itself using green practices.

Tip #6 –  Use Google Earth to create tours that show green locations, you can also search through the layers in the ‘Global Awareness’ section – where you’ll find layers from Arkive, Jane Goodall, etc.  all already created for you.

Tip #7 – – partnership between waste management and Discovery Education; you can find lesson plans, with activities, extension activities, etc.  LOADS of content to peruse; it also has virtual labs.  (They also have a widget you can throw into a blog/wiki……you really need to take a look at the widget as it translates how much you’ve saved and what you can now do with the saved energy).

Tip #8 –  Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge; national sustainability challenge; this year it’s elementary and middle school students.  Next year high school will be added; get teams of 2/3 students work on a project to help change their environment locally.

Tip #9 – Apply for funds at DonorsChoose.   It appears that if your ‘wish’ has a ‘go green’ component it’s a BIG PLUS when applying for funding.

Tip #10 – MediaShare, MediaShare, MediaShare — I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again…..MediaShare….the place for you to not only distribute (paperlessly) your content, but also for you to find content for you to use in your classroom.

And here are some links that were provided by members of the audience: – it’s the ultimate blog portal on all things environmental, a going green blog.  Earthhour (thanks to TheGilch String for that one).  The Green Guide.

Here’s a shot of the ‘front row kids’ (you remember those, always sitting in the front row, impressing the teacher with their attentiveness, probably always got ‘A’s in class…..LOL)



June 10, 2009

And here’s Unklar showing his support for ‘Going Green’:


And don’t forget!  The DEN in SL iSLeuth continues.  You have less than a week (June 17th) to solve those clues and figure out what the heck is going on!  I kept my distance from Riptide last night.  He was swinging one mean pair of crutches everytime he chatted!  And even though we spent quite a while talking, he never really quite explained how he ended up in a cast.  Hmmmmmmmmmm…..

June 10, 2009


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