Get Shortie 2009

Most of us think of June 6th as D-Day, the Normandy Invasion. Well my neighbors and their teacher, Tricia Fuglestad, down at the Dryden school here in Arlington Heights, IL added their own “D” this year on June 6th as they won two first place awards at the Shortie Awards festival in D.C.

I had mentioned “Let’s be Green” in my re-cap of our state festival but had never seen Tricia’s own work about when red met green, “Complementary in Every Way” before. Leave it to an art teacher!Complementary in Every Way from Tricia Fuglestad on Vimeo.Check out all of this year’s winners in news, documentary, animation, and teacher created at Tricia, by the way, is an alumna of our Wilkes U./Discovery Education Digital Storytelling class (but not a section I taught personally- sigh!).


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  1. Tricia Fuglestad said:

    Actually Complementary in Every Way was my final movie project for my Wilkes class. What an awesome class that was! I loved that I could immediately apply what I was learning with my students:)

  2. Kris Fontes said:

    I’m not surprised you won two first place awards at the Shortie’s, you and your students rock!

  3. Kris Fontes said:

    Another comment. You are creating creative citizens of the world by integrating technology into your art classroom. Question – do you ever wish you were teaching middle school or high school? I can really see you challenging the upper grades.

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