Part II – Video Links

If you have not had the opportunity to read the latest copy of the ISTE journal Learning and Leading with Technology, visit Part I of this blog posting about video in the classroom.

Not sure were to start for resources? Definitely begin your search in the Discovery-Education Streaming catalog, BUT look for something quirky! Why not use the video segment on Tree Growth for a math lesson. Then combine this information to create a timeline for your social studies unit on Colonial America. Teach a poetry lesson by introducing the Be Responsible! song on Discovery-Streaming.view of Africa

Create a compare and contrast lesson with the DES video segment: Titanic Disaster and the James Cameron movie “Titanic” or Robert Ballard’s undersea adventure of discovering Titanic. Secondary students can be forensic scientists examining facts and records of the sinking of the Titanic using clips as their witness to the disaster.

Using video does always have to be an all or none experience for students. Using short clips can be your classroom introduction or hook to the lesson.  Perhaps you want to use a short video clip as a “teaser” to what students will learn about the next day.

When you use video, think outside the box and try something new. Here are some links to video lessons and bookmarks from and resources.

Video links:
Adobe Lesson plans

Apple Learning Interchange

My video links

Diigo video bookmarks

DiscoveryEducation Lessons

Microsoft: Using video for instructional purposes

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